Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy VD to You and Yours

This is a bunny repost, but I couldn't find a more appropriate bunny picture for this holiday.

Side note - I had to go shopping yesterday and fight my way around all of the men out buying cheap crap for their loved ones. The gourmet chocolate aisle was empty (of customers - the shelves were full) but the regular candy aisle was nearly wiped out. Come on, guys - seriously? Do pink and white M&Ms get you laid? Maybe I'm trying too hard.


Avitable said...

Pink and white M&Ms taste good. I don't think they get you laid, though. Unless she has an M&M fetish.

Captain Dumbass said...

I'm so lucky my wife doesn't like Valentine's. So very very lucky.

Jay said...

The first time a guy gets his wife or significant other something really nice, she will expect it forever. It's important to keep expectations low.

Can I have that Bunny for Valentines Day?

Whitemist said...

The re-posted bunny is fine, but can we leave out the VD? I don't like taking penicillin.

Mrs. C. said...

Any M&M's get my husband laid. But I am a chocolate whore anyway.

Grant said...

Avitable - I shouldn't be surprised the local population gets M&Ms for VD since they flood the KFC for Mother's Day.

Captain Dumbass - you are very fortunate there.

Jay - I've definitely known some women with escalating expectations, so it did no good to try to impress them. Good strategy.

Whitemist - but VD and love go hand in hand.

Mrs. C. - I have to find one of those in size Japanese.