Monday, December 14, 2009

Why I'm an Idiot

What would you think about a person who couldn't afford something, so they bought it on credit. Then they couldn't afford payments, so they took out a loan. Then they took out more credit cards, began transferring balances, and at the end had nothing but debt as they stood there wondering "Why don't I have any money?" Idiot, ね。

So how about someone who feels sick, goes to a hospital, is still sick upon leaving, goes to another doctor who sends him to another hospital who in turn sends him to more doctors and hospitals and at the end of it all he has no knowledge of what he had to begin with and no understanding of why he has new symptoms that the original illness didn't carry, plus he's still sick. (in case you're a little slow or under-caffeinated, I'm talking about me) Sure, I was following doctors' orders, but the only thing I actually got from the last rounds of treatments was a need to file for bankruptcy. After all the times I've said that doctors are not necessarily good people with your best interests at heart, I still followed their instructions until it became abundantly clear that all I was doing was shelling out money so that they could take actions that made my condition worse. Idiot.

The good thing about filing is that I thought I would finally get them out of my life. I had already canceled all future treatments and by filing I finally managed to get them to stop billing me for procedures performed a year and a half ago. Except the problem is that I never really got them out of my life completely. I'm a diabetic and I need pills, insulin, and syringes to stay relatively healthy. Unfortunately, the clinic I use never gives me prescription refills, forcing the pharmacy bunnies to call and ask for a faxed update. (the clinic apparently thinks diabetes is like acne and could clear up at any time) Now, for added fun, they take longer and longer to respond, sometimes calling me to say they are sending the new prescription when they really don't, sometimes calling to ask how much I take daily because they obviously don't write those unimportant things down. Last time I needed insulin, it took five days to get a refill and I ran out. This time I thought I out-smarted them and ordered over a week early, but it's now day six and still no word from them. This is either another case of medical blackmail (schedule more unneeded tests and visits or you don't get your meds), or they've decided to support the local retarded community by employing them at the clinic, or they're just incompetent at a level that would get them fired from their first shift at a McDonald's. How long do you think a fry cook would last under this scenario?

Cashier: Are the fries ready? Are the fries ready? Are the fries ready? Are the fries ready?
Fry Cook: Here they are.
Cashier: Where?
Fry Cook: ...
Cashier: Are the fries ready? Are the fries ready? Are the fries ready? Are the fries ready?
Fry Cook: Okay, now they're ready.
Cashier: Those are hamburger buns. We asked for fries.
Fry Cook: You should have them soon.
Cashier: Really?
Fry Cook: No.

So now I have to find yet another doctor in the hopes that this one will allow me to have my meds. I did an online search and found a hot looking Vietnamese woman in a nearby clinic which would complete my set of Western Asian professional hotties (lawyer, dentist, doctor, and two pharmacists), but 一番 drug bunny recommended a boring old white guy, so I'll start there. She says he actually gives refills and when he's not available, he has nurses there who actually respond to phone calls. Shocking! Wish me luck. If I don't update soon, I didn't survive my initial visit.


Tracy Lynn said...

You might also try get refills through the mail from Walmart or similar.

Mighty Hunter said...

I'm not certain that you've entitled this blog post correctly.

Kerry said...

I wonder about getting your meds thru DHS or something. I KNOW! Just order them from Mexico... they will be here tomorrow ;)

metalmom said...

I would go sit at the doctor's office until they gave it to me and then take the bill for an office visit and ram it up his ass.

Or go to the police and charge the doc with attempted murder by withholding your insulin.

Monogram Queen said...

Your post should read "I am forced to deal with idiots"

I see these ads & stuff about getting diabetic supplies through the mail sometimes AT NO COST TO YOU (as if I believe THAT) but maybe you can googe it? :(

Jay said...

It's amazing how difficult it is to get meds refilled and to get them to agree to a 90 day supply even when the insurance company allows it. And, of course doctors always love the opportunity to force you to come in for an office visit and some blood work so they can stick it to your insurance company. Greedy bastards.

Whitemist said...

Some how, I do not think you are the idiot.
Maybe the entire medical services of Georgia?

Avitable said...

My wife has her prescriptions filled by mail. It's much easier.

SJ said...

Bankrupt people don't have to get well. Maybe you should rob a pharmacy.

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dr.alistair said...

aimtrust? your bunny talks funny.

Robin said...

I'm so frustrated for you.

tiff said...

it shouldn't be that hard to get refills of insulin! Dang!

Captain Dumbass said...

Maybe you could learn to cook up insulin for yourself? Then you could start dealing cheap insulin to others in need. Just an idea.

Kira said...

I think some people are missing the point here. It's not getting a refill that's the problem--I can't see Grant going anywhere else but his bunny pharmacist(s) to get the refills. But they have NOTHING TO REFILL if the prescription is only made out to one (1) bottle of insulin at a time, and his doc thinks his diabetes will magically go away so he won't prescribe for more at a time...then won't allow a refill without much pain being involved. He needs a doc who will give him the prescription for more than one bottle at a time so that he can refill as he actually needs it. If this were narcotics, I'd understand. But diabetes doesn't just up and vanish, so the doc is being an idiot.

Grant said...

Tracy Lynn - that would work assuming Wal-Mart has grown big enough that they no longer need a prescription from a doctor (a distinct possibility).

Mighty Hunter - I couldn't use the keyword Bunny without pictures.

Kerry - I wonder if I buy illegal drugs from Japan if it will help with my language studies.

metalmom - I considered going there and refusing to leave without a prescription, but since I'm cutting them loose anyway (for reasons beyond just this) I hated to waste my remaining vacation time traveling to see them.

I did actually consider going to a lawyer to see what my rights are in this situation. So far this year it's been lawyers 1, doctors 0.

Monogram Queen - wherever I get it, the first step will always be to get a prescription from a doctor, which is where I'm stuck.

Jay - my insurance only pays for 30 days at a time, but the prescription form includes a field to indicate how many refills I'm allowed. For whatever reason, they always choose 0. The drug bunnies agree that this is strange.

Whitemist - I've heard of some similar happenings in the Carolinas, so maybe it's the SEC of medicine that's filled with idiots.

Avitable - Target has two hot Asian pharmacists that stay on the phone and fax until my doctor's office cries uncle and begrudgingly allows me another month's supply. They win.

SJ - my lawyer warned me that doctors and hospitals who have their bills discharged via bankruptcy can be vindictive, but this seems more like incompetence than anything else.

Anonymous - thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I will forward all of my pay and account information to you immediately.

dr.alistair - Blasphemy! Aimtrust is obviously the invention of boring old white people.

Robin - if I forward their address to you, will you write them a nice letter filled with anthrax?

tiff - insulin is derived from moon cheese, and mining has been slow due to a cave-in.

Captain Dumbass - I knew some junkies in my past. Maybe they could teach me to cook heroin, and then I could just modify the recipe slightly. They both require needles, so I can safely assume they are similar.

Kira - it's probably not even reaching the doc. Many clinics / physicians' groups around here have a number to call for refills which goes to voicemail, then the nurse or admin in charge faxes out new prescriptions directly to the pharmacies. Or not, in my case.

Ricardo said...

What a fucking disaster. Are these people trying to kill you?

Grant said...

Ricardo - they would get no money if they did, so I think it's just sheer incompetence and laziness.

just me said...

When you have a chronic condition, the refills should be at least 6. This makes no sense at all the way you are being treated. Find another doctor, and keep looking till you find one that is sane. That's what I do.

Came here by way of SJ.