Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Totally boring update

I ordered the Wii Fit Plus from Amazon today because it is $14 cheaper than Best Buy, shipping is free, and I won't have to fight my way across a crowded store before standing in the checkout line, paying taxes, and waiting for the register to spit out a receipt the length of a mortgage contract. Amazon says their estimated ship date is December 14, but they also estimated a lengthy wait that didn't occur when I bought the Wii. It's probably due to Hannukwanzaramadamasux. Who knew it would occur in December again this year?


I forgot to mention that Amazon offered me $40 off if I got their credit card. I had one before, but I used it to pay medical bills and the account has just been closed due to my filing for bankruptcy. Next time I order from them, should I attempt to get another one? I'm not worried about misusing it, I just wonder how that will look on my credit report (especially since I haven't had my day in court yet).


Whitemist said...

All this holiday stuff, who would have thunk????

Avitable said...

You might want to ask J-bunny, Esq. about that.

Jay said...

I don't think they would find it amusing that you were applying for credit cards before your bankruptcy is finished.

Robin said...

Ask a bunny, they know all.

Grant said...

Whitemist - it's just a coincidence that the holiday season comes this time each year. Or maybe a government conspiracy.

Avitable - actually, she's a V-bunny and I'm afraid that a stupid question like that will work against me having sex with her. I assume bunny sex is part of every bankruptcy.

Jay - probably true. I didn't want the card anyway, just the $40 off.

Robin - I'll ask one of my pharmacists, or perhaps my dentist.