Wednesday, October 28, 2009


1) Go see The Hurt Locker, unless you are a wuss or have small children in tow. It's a great film that has received no funding from Hollywood or any advertising. It's been traveling the world, visiting film festivals and quietly winning awards, and now it has arrived in America with no fanfare. Full review of its awesomeness is pending.

2) If you want to understand why the medical industry would try to push me into bankruptcy instead of just taking my money, watch Maxed Out. It's about the credit industry, but the hospitals seem to be pursuing the same business model. Two key things I remember from it - if you are poor and making minimal payments, they will try to push you into bankruptcy because you are worth more to them as a deduction than a small source of income, and their studies show that the majority of their profit is derived from people who are bankrupt.

3) And now I finish with another picture of cute bunny Shoko Hamada.



Martini said...

Dude, you totally have to move to Canada. As a bonus, R-rated movies in the U.S. are almost always AA-14 here.

April said...

Number 2 makes so much sense. I've actually thought about that before, but never bothered to research it. You're SMRT.

But seriously, Dude, you need to move to Canada. I hear the R rated movies are AA-14 there. HAHAHAHA!! Just being stupid, not mean. Don't hate me Martini. (what a cool name, btw. Would that be shaken and not stirred, dirty with an olive?)

Hit 40 said...

I have never heard about this maxed out info!! Just crazy.

I saw nothing helpful on my blog for you. I should have asked them for a bunny!!! This would have been much more valuable information.

Monogram Queen said...

I never thought of it like that way either.
I try my best not to carry any debt - i'm sure the credit industry HATES me!

Whitemist said...

It does figure in this idiotic world of money that less can be more in some circumstances. You are more valuable to them as bankrupt of course, files in the eyes of common sense, but not in the short sited we want a lot of money now, waited didn't I just describe the whole financial crisis and bailout thing???

Jay said...

I know there are advantages under the tax code to righting off loans and credit cards and shit for banks. I'm sure any attempt to do anything about it would be a terrible socialist job-killing attack on God himself.

Robin said...

I keep meaning to watch Maxed Out but I'm afraid it would just depress me more.

Grant said...

Martini - I'm just waiting for our secretly Muslim president to conquer Canada and make it our 51st state.

April - #3 makes much more sense.

Hit 40 - yes, do set up the bunny donation button on your blog. Seriously, though, I like my blogpals but I'm not sure if any one has ever given me a useful piece of advice.

Monogram Queen - they've probably dispatched credit ninjas to your house to run up all of your credit cards.

Whitemist - I think the lesson we should all learn from the bailout is that it doesn't pay to be poor.

Jay - fortunately Jebus W. Bush signed the Consumer Protection Act to ensure that the poor credit industry is protected from the mean old public.

Robin - it probably will. For fun, instead watch Jesus Camp and see the fundamentalists brainwash young children.