Monday, October 26, 2009

Continued Kitty Bunny Awesomeness

This time featuring J-hottie Yu Ayanami.


In case you're wondering what's under the coat:


And a non-bunny kitty pic:

Not a bunny

The last pic courtesy of here.


Jay said...

I really think I'm opposed to this Kitty thing. I'm NOT opposed to what is under the Kitty outfit though.

Robin said...

Can I pet her?

Marsha said...

Honestly, I'm not sure she's legal yet.

Grant said...

Jay - I much prefer what's under the thing under the kitty outfit.

Robin - sure, as soon as I'm through. I've always thought Japanese women make great pets.

Marsha - I always ensure the bunnies featured here are over 18. You're just not used to the awesomeness that is hot Japanese women.

Monogram Queen said...

My eyes! My eyes!

Grant said...

Monogram Queen - I guess the umbrella was a bit much for you to handle.