Thursday, September 03, 2009


Now we're in week three of the Super Awesome and Cool Random Snickle Frickle Sharty Doom Days of Bunny Bunny Bunny Bunny Bunny Thursdays theme day, a concept proving to be almost as popular as using gerbil doots as a salad topping. I finally made the banner for this day. I considered combining many images to capture the full grandiosity of everything that is SACRSFSDDBBBBBT, but that was hard so I just compressed a picture of two Japanese women about to make out:


I would have used a picture of them actually making out, but those were NSFW. The proper sequence should be: make out, THEN get naked and have sex, but I guess nobody told them.

The donation button in the sidebar works. I know this because somebody made a donation. I would like to acknowledge and thank them here, but it's been rumored that the Internet is used by some unscrupulous people who might then see this person as a mark, so I'll just say thank you very much and I intend to use the money to start smoking and fund terrorism or censorship and I will keep your identity sacred unless somebody offers me an even bigger donation, and then I'm sending them your account information plus a photoshopped picture I made of us having anal sex (you're playing defense).

In other money / credit news, I responded to a credit card offer from my bank. The offer allowed applying by mail, phone, or online. I chose online (natch). In return, they sent me an offer to apply solely by mail. I guess the online thing was a test. "Congratulations, you spelled your name right and your address is almost correct. You have been pre-qualified to send us a request to see if you're actually qualified."

On the bright side of my never-ending health recovery and medical billing hell, I just went a full week without receiving any new hospital bill (only updated bills I was already repaying). That's the first week that has happened since my last hospitalization in April. Plus August marks the first full month I've worked without missing any time due to illness since May, 2008. I'm now exercising a couple of days a week and can walk up to two miles, although not all at once. (w00t! - I'm such a stud!) Plus I'm working through lunch for one of the first times this year, and I hope I don't regret it. I worked through lunch a couple of months ago and even worked some overtime, but it made me sicker and I had to miss other days in the week. Anyway, if I never post again, I died in the name of corporate drones everywhere who stayed at their post to be semi-productive while eating a cheap Hormel meatloaf & mashed potatoes meal.


Do you ever plan to do a serious meme?
Yes, but it will have to wait at least another week.

In closing - bunny repost:



Captain Dumbass said...

Because I haven't found work yet I'm planning on knocking over a grow-op this weekend. I'll mail you some cash since donating might raise some taxation questions that I can't answer.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Isn't everyday Bunny Day to you?

R said...

I love this site.

Jay said...

I love that girl's big beautiful uh, lips.

I've considered putting a donate button on my blog too. But, it wouldn't be as legit as yours. I just want a new laptop and some tires on my car.

Whitemist said...

Just don't die yet, we all need the bunny fix!
Screw work, they don't appreciate you any way.

dr.alistair said...

better bunny. looks almost human.

careful knocking over grow-ops though dumbass. those farmers are packing.....

Hit 40 said...

Great news! I am glad that your feeling better.

Was it your mommy that gave you $5 on your donation button?

Kathy B! said...

Glad you're feeling better, but now no new posts for a couple days?

You're dead, aren't you?

Grant said...

Captain Dumbass - hopefully the grow-ops are not a front for the yakuza.

Enemy of the Republic - of course every day is Bunny Day. But especially Thursday.

R - I assume you come for the bunnies.

Jay - I never wanted to use my blog for money making purposes, but things are getting desperate here.

Whitemist - work pays me to stay alive, so I'm stuck with them.

dr.alistair - she's definitely one of my favorites.

Hit 40 - she wouldn't give me anything but a hard time. I keep hoping she'll die and the state will give me some of her money.

Kathy B! - not just yet, but close.

Ricardo said...

Mouth watering right now, that is HOT!!

I'm putting up a donation button. Can't hurt.

Neath said...

Ya know...... It took me a while to even notice that there isn't a damned thing in the background behind her......

Grant said...

Ricardo - so far I have yet to receive my donation from PayPal. They're dragging me through their system which involves a 5-7 business day wait after you've jumped through all their hoops.

Neath - I see no reason to look past her, unless there is a hotter woman in the background.