Friday, May 22, 2009

Bunny Disclaimer

It has come to my attention that some of you do not properly appreciate the awesomeness that is hot Asian bunnies. Specifically, a lot of you pedophobes think their grown women are adolescent girls.

Hwang Mi Hee - age 27

I think the problem is our standards in America, especially here in the Bible and Fried Chicken Belt. I remember hearing comments about a guy's daughter who had a full figure by the time she turned twelve. There's nothing wrong with saying a young girl is pretty, but I think you edge over into creepy when you comment on how she's developing nicely. Some guys said she had arrived in full womanhood early, but the actual truth was that she was just stopping there on her way to morbid obesity, like the rest of her family.

Yuri Ebihara - age 29

Japanese women are the world's undisputed masters of longevity. That they do not spend their years lugging around a hundred pounds of double whoppers converted to sagging boobage may contribute to their longer, healthier lives.

Aki Hoshino - age 32

Here endeth the bunny lesson.


SJ said...

Well done. They must make this a part of every school syllabus. I mean what better can a student learn than bunny.

Kerry said...

I love taking your classes!

I have a friend from Korea and I just about flipped when she told me she was 42. I'd guessed 30! She looks awesome!

metalmom said...

I look underage too.....if you squint your eyes, turn your head to the left and look from an upside down position.

GreenJello said...

I don't eat Whoppers (shut up) or fast food... but I still get those love handles that are All American.

Bunnies got genes.

Jay said...

When I was looking for a hot Asian babe to post on my blog last week or the week before or whenever the hell it was, I was worried about how young they looked. So, I went with Grace Park so there wouldn't be any argument over age. LOL

Avitable said...

Those bunnies are way too old for me.

Enemy of the Republic said...

You are incorrect. I am no pedaphobe, nor am I troubled by your Asian fixation, no matter what the age of the female may be. It's just that there are other things in the world, but you don't seem to care. I bet I read your mind better than you read mine.

Bunny it up.

Biff Spiffy said...

Phewf, I'm relieved.

Tiff and I were just looking at this and thought of you, naturally.

dr.alistair said...

yeah. great. i went out with a 45 year-old bunny who looked 30, with a tight little body to match...too bad she had a heart like a swinging brick.

Captain Dumbass said...

If I had a better camera I'd take some bunny shots for you. Close range pictures with my Sony Cybershot leads to unwanted police attention.

Bunnylord said...

sj - some universities do offer minors in Asian studies, but I doubt they have the proper bunny focus. It's probably about silly stuff like language and culture.

kerry - reading this blog should count as advanced education.

metalmom - If I look at you upside down, won't it appear that your breasts are full of helium?

greenjello - I've seen a lot of Asian Americans raised as Americans who have the same problems as the rest of us, so I generally credit their diet and exercise.

avitable - fortunately for you, Japan has a bevy of 13 year old pinup models available on the net.

eotr - there are other things in the world, but if you read your bible you'd know that the pursuit of bunny makes Jesus happy. At least, that's what I got out of it.

biff - I like that one, but Tracy bought me this one instead.

dr. - I've run into the same personality issue. Science needs to invent the personality transplant. I'd like someone like my Japanese teacher with her accent intact and pretty much anyone else's personality.

cda - you just need a telephoto lens so you can get up-close from a safe distance.

dr.alistair said...

personality transplant....hmmm, that reminds me of the joke, how many ethics professors does it take to screw in a light bulb?

April said...

I can certainly appreciate the awesomeness that is a hot Asian Bunny, if that Bunny doesn't look like she should be playing in the yard with my son. I don't think their grown women *are* adolescent girls, I think *some* of them *look* like adolescent girls.

One in particular:

And the last picture of this post. Both girls seriously look like adolescents.

These girls look like they're barely in high school:

At the same time I think Ebi Chan is stunningly gorgeous. And all of these girls are beautiful too:

There are a lot of pictures you post with beautiful Asian women who don't look like they're in middle school. It's the one's who do that really gross me out.

Ricardo said...

And notice how the oldest one looks the youngest in the pictures. You really can't tell. Go onto some of the Asian porn sites and recoil in horror as you think you're looking at a 12 year old and in fact she's 40 with 5 kids.

Prata said...

Hotness. All of it. I have a hard time seeing any of the bunnies that have been up here as being adolescent looking though. I spend a lot of time with Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, and Japanese people which may influence my perception some. I've yet to see any chick that actually looks like a middle school kid when in fact she's an adult. Go figure.

Side note, the Japanese diet rocks out.

Grant said...

dr.alistair - either tell us the answer or I'll bribe one to find out.

april - ironically, the ones you liked were all high school girls and some of the others were over 30. Just admit that you have no appreciation for hot Asian women. Also, learn to embed your hyperinks, lazybutt. :p

ricardo - and, if you're not careful, you actually can find (non-nude) pinup models who are well under 18 from Japan. They're common enough in the mainstream that Amazon Japan sells DVDs of them frolicking. Look up Saaya Irie who started modeling at eleven if you want to be a real perv. Note - Japan is probably not the place to grow up if you are an over-developed adolescent.

prata - by the time I started paying attention to Japanese women, I had already gotten used to them being smaller and not aging as poorly as me. Then I had the opposite problem - I got used to the adults looking young and accidentally posted pictures of 13 yo models without realizing their age.

April said...

I know how to hyperlink, however, I wasn't aware that I could do that in comments because under the comment box it says that you can use some basic HTML tags. So I figured that it wouldn't let me use the more complicated hyperlinks. Now I know. Ya learn something every day, huh?

High school girls?

Anonymous said...