Thursday, April 30, 2009

Half Naked Thursday

Sharticon Aught Nine is winding down, but my imagination is still going down the toilet along with the rest of my insides so I thought I'd get lazy and just do HNT instead. I don't want to bother learning the rules, so instead I'm just posting pictures of half naked hot Asian bunnies.





If you think blog lacks variety, please be aware that one is Taiwanese, two are Japanese, and one is Chinese. I covered Korean yesterday. Anyone who correctly guesses which ones are which nationality and mails them to me (preferably alive) will win a prize.


Whitemist said...

You are funny, I am now publicly following your interest in Asian beauty!
Do you realize that with my glasses the graphic headline is completely 3- D?

Jay said...

Nice variety. There's something about that second chick that I just can't fig ... oh I know what it is. She's freaking gorgeous. Yeah, that's it.

SJ said...

That's all you ever post and that's the cool thing about this blog.

Captain Dumbass said...

Not that it matters with a page full of half naked bunnies, but the Taiwanese and Chinese ones aren't going to look any different. Was that a trick question?

Leesa said...

I don't want to find your email address. Since Blogger time stamps the comments, here is my (way off) guess: Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese.

Or are you just seeing who is completely fooled by you?

Grant said...

whitemist - does that mean the bunnies are also in 3D? Cool.

jay - as opposed to the other three, who are real barking dogs. She is my favorite of the four, though - I think it's the glasses and smile.

sj - if I ever think of something interesting to say, people are going to be seriously disappointed.

cda - oh, come on. Bunny pic #1 has Taiwanese script written on it. You're not even trying.

leesa - congratulations! You got them all wrong, which makes your bunny failure rate 100%.

Ricardo said...

I'll pounce on all the Asian flavors you provide.

NYD said...

This place is just like a sushi go round. You just show up and the delicacies float past your eyes.


SSC~ The Domestic Diva said...

How about they are all unique bunnies in their own way?!?!?!?

Did I win?

Jay said...

You do this so well.

Grant said...

ricardo - and so far I've only posted East Asia bunnies. Wait until I delve into Thailand.

nyd - unlike the sushi go round, nobody here minds if you masturbate while enjoying the offerings.

ssc - I agree, but no.

jay - thank you. I've had practice.