Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Not every post is about hot Japanese women

Nurses in Taiwan posed nude to advertise their clinic only to face scorn from a nursing organization claiming they have cheapened the profession, plus the clinic now faces fines and the possibility of being shut down. Despite being relatively close to Japan, they seem to have morals (by which I mean the ability to blow things out of proportion) closer to the U.S.

I wouldn't have posted this except that I finally found the photos in question, and they are extremely hot. Note to everyone involved - if a woman is naked but props and camera angles cover the naughty bits, it's not really a nude photo. All women are completely naked all the time underneath their clothing. Even though they are not technically nude photos, they are not quite what I would deem as work safe for the United States of the Easily Offended, so I'm just including links instead of posting the pictures. Knowing what a picture is worth, following is 13,000 words (most of which are "fap, fap, fap") of linkage.

Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Pic6 Pic7 Pic8 Pic9 Pic10 Pic11 Pic12 Pic13

I would suggest that Taiwan take a lesson from Japan, but Japan's youngest pinup model is eleven so maybe we don't need to be that licentious (no, the last link does not go to a picture of her, you pervs). I wonder how much it would cost to import some morals from France or Italy.


skywind said...

Not think so, this is nurse? They are AV Actress. I really have heard of the United States has a restaurant nude, but not naked. And people just go for life recruitment. Unlike the Japanese, they put the same sex as a meal, has no sense of shame.

Health is the Greatest Happiness & The World at The Present

metalmom said...

Now I consider those 'art'.

(Yes I clicked the linked and drooled a little bit!)

Monogram Queen said...

Oh yeah morals' from France is what you want!
I think that is much ado about nothing if you ask me.

Prata said...

Yah, that's the hotness. Some call it art, I call it meal time? *blinks*

Seriously though, totally hot. Mmm...T-bunnies hehe.

Anonymous said...

Helloooooo nurse! They're stunning!

The nurses around here look like the Lysol cleaning woman and nurse Ratchett. I shouldn't care what my care providers look like but I can't help it if I'm afraid that their unkempt spider moles will fall off into my tea...

Avitable said...

Some of those are pretty damn cute.

Leesa said...

The new Japanese pinup model can't even compete in the Olympics. Unless, of course, she were to compete for China.

Grant said...

skywind - restaurant nude sounds good.

metalmom - fappable art is still art.

mq - I just wish our country would accept that boobs should be less disturbing than violence.

prata - our health care system would be much better with nurses like that.

sam - they would inspire me to stay hospitalized.

avi - I am truly, deeply in love with all of them.

leesa - it's been a few years since she posed for the pictures, so now she's at the ripe old age of 15.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Could have fooled me.

NWJR said...


Kerry said...

They really are good pics and no I wouldnt classify them as nude pics. They do cover their bits.

Grant said...

eotr - I have such eclectic tastes I can appreciate all women, be they from Japan, China, or even Taiwan.

nwjr - I second that.

kerry - I like artistic pics like those better than outright porn.

GreenJello said...

I looked at some of the photos of the 11 year old pinup... can I just say, "Ew!!!"?

My youngest is 11. I can't even imagine, for the life of me, why a parent would allow their daughter to be sexually objectified. She's 11 FREAKING YEARS OLD!!!!!!

That just gives me the ickies.