Sunday, February 08, 2009

Showing Support

Not a bunny

I'm not posting this in support of gay rights because I don't think the concept should even exist. I believe we need separate laws for gays the way we need different rights and responsibilities for people based on their favorite ice cream toppings (note - butterscotch rulz! - in your face, fudge losers). I'm just doing this for Tracy, who claims to not be gay but has yet to offer any proof to my satisfaction.

Also, I believe marriage is a bad idea altogether, but I believe people shouldn't get married equally. I don't care what your religion says. Really, I don't, and I don't think you should get tax breaks or any other preferential treatment for getting married. But if I have to get married, I'll take one of each below.


Because, really, who wanted me to do a political post with no J-bunny pics included?


NYD said...

the link to Tracy seems to be broken.
Everyone wants special rights. I don't see what the problem is about. let gays get married. Then they'll learn what almost every married person in the world learns. The person you once adored can change into the devil, creating an everlasting hell on earth thus making you want to kill either them or yourself.

SJ said...

Hear hear (not "here" which some native English speakers seem to think is right)!!!

Joe said...

I like the way you take a stand but are pragmatic enough to remain flexible about it. A regular role model.

Erm...except for the killing and maiming parts.

~Deb said...

But, will your choices take you?


Tracy Lynn said...

I totally think we should abolish marriage as a government status. Do you think in the process we could blow some shit up? Because I've recently had a burning desire to blow shit up.

Grant said...

nyd - fixed the Tracy link, so you can check her out now (totally worthwhile). And even though I haven't been married, I've seen enough relationships go down in flames after the ceremony to know what you are talking about.

sj - are you sure it's not "'ear, 'ear" in English (or maybe "Oy, you!")?

joe - but those are the best parts.

~deb - they'd better, if they know what's good for them. Um, I mean, surely, because I'm filled with xtian goodness and sunshine and butterfly-shaped candies.

tracy - there's a large Scientology church in my neighborhood. We can start there.

Prata said...

I gotta tell ya, I've never supported a statement you've made with such fervor, except for that Scientology thing you said....and killing thing you thought of just now. And oh yah, okay so I pay homage to you. ;)

I also appreciate the j-bunny at the end. It really summed up my errr your thoughts nicely.

PBS said...

Tax breaks are the incentive for getting married. Yeah, we would think something was wrong with no bunny somewhere in your posting!

Captain Dumbass said...

We let gays and lesbian marry here, because we have MORE IMPORTANT SHIT TO WORRY ABOUT! Also, we paid attention to that whole separation of church and state bit.

SSC~ The Domestic Diva said...

One of each, do you mean butterscotch and fudge? Or the Bunny and the bike?

Jay said...

Good point.
Good, good point.

Monogram Queen said...

Since when would you ever do a post that did NOT involve J-bunnies no matter what any of us thought? LOL

Grant said...

prata - J-bunnies explain everything.

pbs - we should charge extra tax from the married to make them prove their love.

cda - once we got rid of the British, we Americans had no more problems to solve so we've had to make stuff up to keep busy. I pity third world countries with real problems, such as yours.

ssc - can I have one of each that you mentioned? If that's greedy, I'll pass on the fudge. In fact, my priority list is: J-bunny, motorcycle, butterscotch, fudge.

jay - thanks. I assume you are talking about the J-bunny pics.

mq - J-bunnies cover all topics, so I think I'll just keep posting their pictures and leave it at that.