Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nazi Bastards!

Amazon has dropped レイプレイ from its inventory, a Japanese fantasy game that sounds like fun for the whole family.

Fun for the Whole Family!

Warning - the Japanese link is not safe for work.

レイプレイ (or RapeLay in English) is the story of Kimura Masaya, a typical Japanese lad hung like a rhino. who engages in the Japanese national sport of groping women on trains and he is (get this) ACTUALLY ARRESTED FOR IT! Fortunately, his dad has connections, so he is released and can take a measured response to this insult, by which I mean capturing and raping the entire family* in every orifice.

Some of you xtian mommy kitty bloggers may think this crosses some invisible "line", but the game actually teaches several important moral lessons. For example, if you pray to god in the train station, he will answer your prayers with a gust of wind lifting a character's skirt. If you get a character pregnant and don't force her to have an abortion, you will be killed by a Japanese schoolgirl. And if you rape a woman and her two virgin daughters repeatedly they will eventually come to like it and become your willing slaves. Good to know.

Gameplay is simple and relies mostly on the mouse to guide the virtual hands to grab and stroke various things, which leaves your other hand free to, I don't know, write checks to the 700 club or something.

Don't allow this sort of corporate censorship to continue. Write your local politicians and police and the FBI and demand that the game be made available in America. Include photos in your letter along with graphic descriptions of what you'll be doing while playing this game (e.g. teaching abandoned puppies about Jesus).

The game is still available in Japan. Of course.

*females only - the game's not freaky or anthing


SJ said...

The world faces the threat of Fascism again. Will democracy prevail yet again or is will facist websites rule the world this time? Only time and the Grantichrist will tell... Now for a word from our sponsor

NYD said...

I tried to buy that same game from a shop that sold second hand software. The only problem was that it was stuck to the shelf.

Come to think of it the whole floor of the place was sticky, Hmmmm.

Grant said...

sj - it's like Hitler all over again.

nyd - from the looks of those kinds of games, the players like to make sandwiches with mayo while they play.

Tracy Lynn said...


Avitable said...

Rape is no laughing matter.

Unless you're raping a clown.

Monogram Queen said...

Oh no! Whatever will we do?! *smirk*

metalmom said...

Stop holding out on us!
*Ya whiny bitch!

Grant said...

tracy - exactly.

avitable - actually, I think it's funnier to shoot clowns and rape mimes. When they pantomime screaming for help, nobody hears it.

mq - that's it. I'm canceling the Internet for everybody.

mm - if you insist, I will post more pictures of hot Japanese women.

NWJR said...

Is this safe for work?

Anonymous said...

Weeeell, my thoughts on the game are mixed. I don't think it appropriate for anyone but then again you have a million blogs writing rape fantasies and in my psych courses I learned that a fantasy which may arouse someone in theory or thought may not in reality or action but then again there are those who figure that if it gives them kicks in day dreams then it would be fun to try it for real...

As a survivor of multiple rapes, yes, I do take some offense at the game but as an artist and a writer - I also think that if they can write it in movies and novels and erotic blogs then why not the game too?

Gods I'm torn on this one...
Its creepy and I'd throw my husband out of my house if he bought it but eww, who would want to anyhow?

Grant said...

nwjr - if you work in Japan or the porno industry, probably.

sam - I agree. I can't see why anyone would have a healthy desire to play this game, but then again I love some violent video games (like Carmageddon) and I think mowing down pedestrians for bonus points is technically worse than a rape revenge fantasy, but I still enjoy Carmageddon.