Monday, January 26, 2009

Interminable Interview Meme

Part the last - part one (because I have too much to say on this one for a regulation sized post).

From SJ: 5. Based on recent experiences what would you change about your country's health care system and what would be your mission statement if you had the job of reforming it ? Note: I mean reforms other than recruiting only bunny nurses and making them wear school uniforms.

For starters, the high school / bunny uniforms would not be necessary as the all-Japanese nurse staff will look good in what I assume are typical Japanese nurse uniforms, as pictured below:

Typical Japanese Nurses

But first, my generic System Statement that applies to all systems, including health care:

There is no such thing as a perfect system. All systems involve people who are, by nature, flawed and imperfect. The fact that you have to design a system is proof that people have to be held accountable to a set of rules because they can’t be trusted to use reasonable judgment. All systems attract those who try to abuse them and twist them to their own greedy purposes. Therefore, it is important that any viable system be a) flexible enough to allow it to adapt to changing needs, b) policed by an outside source, and c) biased towards protecting the poor and needy rather than the wealthy and rich, who already have too many damned privileges as it is.

Anyone who thinks my ideas are less than perfect will be referred back to sentence #1 of the System Statement. And now, my Mission Statement for the Health Care System.

The goal of the Health Care System is to help people live longer and healthier lives – period. Any changes to the system will be evaluated in bottom-line terms – does this actually help someone live longer or better? People who contribute to the system will be rewarded. People found taking actions to benefit themselves instead of their patients will be ground into meatloaf and served from the hospital kitchens (it will be an improvement).


Kira said...

When my mom worked as an ultrasound tech, she actually overheard a doc tell his nurse that he wasn't going to send this old guy to a specialist (it was an HMO) because he didn't want to lose his cut of the money, and the guy was really old anyway so it was ok. People like that should be at the top of your ground beef scale.

Tracy Lynn said...

This seems patently impossible but I agree with every word in this post. Except for the fifth word in the second paragraph. That one's a liar and a fucker.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Tracy has a point.

Monogram Queen said...

Honey if the nurses all looked like that HOW would your blood pressue (among other things) EVER go down? *giggle*

SJ said...

Now that makes me want to go be sick in Japan.

Agree with you accountability is the way to make sure any system works.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Please don't forget the push up bras.

Joe said...

See? I would have just proposed cheap indestructible nanobots in our bloodstream that corrected all health problems before we knew they existed.

Grant said...

kira - for added fun, he could be fed to the old guy who would then be told why he has to get a new doctor.

tracy - the fifth word of the second paragraph (not counting SJ's question) is "school". I agree - it's a total lie.

eotr - she does, and it's at the end of her spoon.

mq - they could always say "I don't find sick people attractive" and then I'd pretend I was okay even if I had a bone protruding from my neck.

sj - it's a great place to be sick if you're employed and not the least bit overweight. Otherwise, you have problems.

rll - as an alternative, I volunteer to hold their breasts up.

joe - your plan doesn't provide adequate bunny coverage, so it is rejected.

Anonymous said...

Please invade Canada Grant, please?