Sunday, January 25, 2009

Honest Crap Awards

Oops – I meant Honest Scraps. No idea what this means or from whence it originated.


This “award” is actually a meme from jGrrl. The rules be:

List 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep! Then tag 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap. Simple. Or not.

1. Despite being raised mostly in the Southeastern portion of the US, I don’t like NASCAR, professional wrestling, grits, or iced tea. Jesus is okay, but I dislike most of his followers (the fundies and hypocrites, anyway).

2. I like some softcore erotica, but porn is just laughable and a turn-off. When the pictures go from sexy and demure to a gynecological exam, they lose me. Not Safe for Work examples: This one is hot. And this one is not.

3. I love to look at, plan for, and talk about food more than actually eat it.

4. I often have nightmares (especially when I’m sick) that pour over into my memories. Then I have to spend a day or two trying to sort out what is real. Recent example – I’m sure the pancake monk assassin’s guild is not out to get me, but I don’t see a good reason to drop my guard. Besides, I have to figure out if I have more disposable cups than guilt available. (my nightmares always want me to compare things that don't compare)

5. Above all else, studying Japanese has taught me that I don’t much like the Japanese. Despite being raised in what is perceived as redneck ground zero, I have never before encountered a group of people so racist, narrow-minded, and rude to outsiders. I know this conflicts with the image we have of the Japanese, so maybe only the rotten ones decide to live abroad.

6. Outside of the Japanese in Georgia, the most prejudiced people I have personally met have been in Chicago and Colorado, respectively.

7. If I were to become extremely ill again, I would try to ride it out rather than return to the hospital. The operations, bloody sharty antibiotics, unending recovery, and years of debt are not worth the minimal recovery and half existence I got in return.

8. Although I love learning, I’m not a big fan of our education system. I’ve never used anything taught beyond basic math and grammar in my daily / work life, and I feel like the education system was just another way of cheating me out of time and money before I was allowed to do what I always had the talent to do in the first place.

9. Since it seems lately everyone is blogging about what a great speller they are, I’ll join in. In the 2nd grade I made it to the top three in our school’s spelling bee. That’s not so impressive when you consider I was in rural Kentucky and each grade had between sixteen and twenty-four students. It’s more impressive when you understand that grades 2 – 12 were all in the same competition. I don’t remember the word that got me, but it wasn’t a fluke – it was just a high school level word I didn’t know. The next year I was considered a sure win, but was eliminated in the initial rounds by the Kentucky accent (I was always taught at home to speak “normal” American English). The word sounded like “won’t”, but when used in a sentence it was “I won't (i.e. want) some candy.”

10. Despite being born and raised in Louisville until I was five and then living in Fulton, KY until I was nine, nobody can figure out why I’m so winter-oriented. Kentucky has seasons (unlike Atlanta which ranges between really hot and then not quite as hot), but it’s not a frozen tundra. The weather has to dip below zero Fahrenheit (about -18C) before I need anything more than a short-sleeved shirt. On the downside, I have trouble drinking hot tea from a traditional cup (one with no handle) because I can’t stand coming in contact with that much heat.

Now I tag: nobody. Instead of tagging anyone, if you are honest enough to do this, then do so, unless you honestly don’t want to.


Monogram Queen said...

Wow I have a totally new understanding of you Grant! Kinda warm and fuzzy.. I said "kinda"! ;)

Anonymous said...

These were wonderful answers and I am really glad that I tagged you, I thought you were an outstanding man, this just confirms it.

I could go into a whole chat on every one of your facts but that would be irritating and take up a lot of space so I'll just say - wow, you're pretty neat.

Anonymous said...

P.S you and I share a certain taste in pr0n style too, thank you for that, I feel much less a freak now.

SSC~ The Domestic Diva said...

Okay so I really didn't get what you said when you mentioned not safe for work. I thought it read, Its not safe won't work. I must be tired. I clicked on it and OMG did I get a surprise.

She needs to shave that is gross! But none the less I am glad my little ones were not near the computer when I clicked on the link. Next time if you could please make it clear, "SSC DON"T OPEN." That would be helpful and much appreciated.


Oh and number 7 made me cry. Grant I don't like you saying that. I am so happy that you are here. No matter how much you are in debt! You won't but if you do get sick again you need to go to the hospital.

But you won't because I am sending happy and good thoughts your way.

Thank you for being honest I really liked your post. Except for the pictures. :)

SJ said...

I think education system is meant to do just that teach us basic numbers and keep us from doing stuff that we would anyway have to for a few years.

Avitable said...

The Japanese as a culture are very xenophobic, but as individuals, once they are exposed to things that they thought were bad or wrong, they can be very openminded.

Tracy Lynn said...

Well, if you get sick again, I'll have to come down there and I'm pretty sure you don't want that, so I'd advise not getting sick again.

NWJR said...

Japanese girls half-submerged in water? What's not to like?

Joe said...

Your really have embraced memes in 2009, Grant. Was this some kind of resolution?

Kerry said...

When you put "not safe for work examples" you KNOW I have to look immediately. Only after I click on the first link do I double check to make sure no little kiddo is standing around me. lol

Grant said...

mq - it beats cold and prickly.

jgrrl - yes, I rule!

jgrrl - I like prawns too.

ssc - next time I'll put up some nice pictures of gory beheadings so you won't worry about your children being traumatized by the site of a naked body.

sj - it's another way of warehousing children and separating adults from their money.

avitable - I think the good ones must have gone to Florida. I've met dozens locally and consider exactly ONE to be open-minded. Perhaps they're trying to outdo our redneckedness.

tracy - I flirted with a relapse by eating the Southern-style Potato Salad of Doom - 2009 yesterday, but I'm over it now.

nwjr - I used to keep them fully submerged, but then they quit talking to me and began to decay.

joe - it's more of an "I can't think of anything to say on my own" kind of thing.

SSC~ The Domestic Diva said...

It wasn't the naked body its the fact of the exam! Thaks!

GreenJello said...

#7. I hear you, loud and clear. And I even work in a hospital.