Friday, November 21, 2008

Awesomeness continued

Who is hotter? Chinese cheerleaders?

Chugokuno Bunnies!

Or Japanese cheerleaders?

Nihonno Bunnies!

Your vote may determine tonight's wacking material.

Okay, I admit it. I got nothing.


Anonymous said...

I refuse to choose.

SJ said...

I will have to wack to both first. I'll have to get back to you on that.

Joe said...

I was all set to vote until I realized what it would lead to. Just another reason to hate to speak.

Kira said...

From these two pictures, I'd vote Chinese, even though usually I'd go for Japanese. Ok, now wack away!

Anonymous said...

I just deactivated a bunch of basically useless plugins and tweaked some rather odd settings, let me know if they let me back on the net... oh, and since my birthday is Sunday - can you just send me both teams?

Enemy of the Republic said...

Too much information...

PBS said...

The Japanese cheerleaders. Will pom poms in your closet lure them?

NYD said...

I have aready had the Japanese. Could you send over the Chineese with a couple of egg rolls and some Moo Shue Pork.

Anonymous said...

Did you whack yourself into oblivion?

Grant said...

jgrrl - then you don't get to take one home.

sj - be sure to post your results on your blog with a YouTube video.

joe - but in this case your vote almost could have mattered.

kira - I agree.

jgrrl - Google reader still hates you. Maybe you should offer up sex to the Google team.

eotr - be glad I only posted pics of the Asian women.

pbs - they do have nicer outfits. I'll try a trail of pom-poms and see if it works.

nyd - you mean you didn't sleep with all of China's women during your recent visit? For shame.

jgrrl - still working on it.