Sunday, November 16, 2008

Awesome Monday

First it started with Galmet - an all-girl Japanese death metal band.

Direct link.

Then I discovered Lujaneeza - the singer looks Asian.

Direct link.

Then I found Ikaten - I'm not sure if that's the band or the name of the show. They're not the prettiest J-bunnies ever, but chicks in bands (especially bass players and drummers) are hot.

Direct link.

Then I discovered Vyson - you can't really see them well here, but they are hot and the song title is Killer Pussy which makes them even more awesome.

Direct link.
Another song is here. It's all stillshots instead of video, but in the middle is a picture of the band, any one of which would make a good present to me.

And here is a creation using Haruhi and friends from anime series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. It's all kinds of awesome. A quartet of hot Japanese schoolgirls form a band with two dressed in schoolgirl outfits, Haruhi dressed as a sexy bunny, and the other lead guitarist dressed as a witch. The first song is Kill You by Dethklok - a lovely song for the ladies. Note - Pickles is singing instead of Nathan Explosion.

Direct link. Below is the same scene, but now it's set to Painkiller by Judas Priest.

Direct link. And again, but now it's Nemesis by Arch Enemy.

Direct link.

As the Head Honcho of the United States of Bunny, I approve of this growing trend. And here are a few more items of awesomeness:

Holy Shit - This Is Both Arousing And Awesome Demotivational Poster

Female Gamers - They might enjoy it more if it were plugged into something.

Sincerity - When Someone Asks You What’s On Your Mind, Sometimes They Really Don’t Want To Know

Lobster Knife Fight - Words Cannot Express The Awesome Demotivational Poster


messiah said...

yer last 4 links appear to be a bust.

PBS said...

Cute girls! Are you appointing a Cabinet for the United States of Bunny?

Grant said...

messiah - they should work, but are slow. You might have to refresh or choose the Show Image option.

pbs - the USoB will appoint only Asian schoolgirls to office.

Anonymous said...

My son loves this post :-)
He's only 2 1/2 but he already has a passion for Japanese ladies - we have many in my city and they always coo and giggle over him with offerings of sugary treats and tickles under his chin lol

tiff said...

So, HI!

Didn't even look at the links. I just wanted to be in the top ten.

Leesa said...

Too much time on your hands?

Grant said...

jgrrl - can you bash one over the head and send her to me?

tiff - usually getting in the top ten is like being in the top five of a barbershop quartet.

leesa - too much time, not enough bunny.

GreenJello said...

The lobster knife fight one is the BEST.

Monogram Queen said...

Oh Grant... I am dying over your comment to jgrrl LOL you nut!

Grant said...

greenjello - the loser will be served with drawn butter.

mq - it's easier than courting.