Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Master Race

Do you know what's disturbing about this?

Nazi Bunny!

That's right - her hair is too light. It doesn't go with her natural good looks. These are much better:

Nazi Bunny!

Nazi Bunny!

Because this blog doesn't have nearly enough pictures of cute Japanese chicks.


Monogram Queen said...

I agree - the light hair is NOT flattering.

Grant I think my kid is somehow biologically related to you. She wants to know why it's not okay for her to push other kids down and poke them in the eye. OMG!

metalmom said...

They look like they are ready to beat you into submission.

I'll give you a moment alone with that thought.

Joe said...

Yeah. Um...


Once again, you've left me speechless, Grant.

Tracy Lynn said...

Shit, you're picky. Now I'll have to let the one I have in the closet go, and find one with darker hair. *sigh*

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

The chick in the middle looks like she'd be able to take you on and spank the hell out of you.

Oh c' know you'd love it. ;)

グラント said...

mq - I hope you straightened her out and told her it's wrong because bending over to poke someone in the eye interferes with reloading the Uzi.

mm - I think #2 is prepping for a full body cavity search. Either is good for masturbation material.

joe - thanks. Just spreading the word of the lord in my own way.

tracy - it doesn't work to get me a J-bunny that doesn't look like a J-bunny, but if you haven't freed her yet then send her over. At least I can use her for stewmeat.

pq - it's no anal sex, but I wouldn't pass on any kind of bunny loving.