Thursday, April 03, 2008

More on Healthy Japanese Eating

The new special at McDonald's Japan is the Mega x Mega x Mega - three types of Mega Macs available all at once. They brought back the classic メガマック, similar to our American Big Macs but with four patties instead of two, and the メガてりやき with two thick patties marinated in teriyaki sauce. Rounding out that lineup is the new メガマフィシ. It's basically bread, fried fish patty, cheese, fried fish patty, fried egg, bacon, ketchup, and bread. Thank god they eliminated that fattening middle bun.

Japanese food is so healthy.


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

You're KIDDING me, right?

Fried fish patty, eggs, bacon and ketchup??? Oh geez....THAT sounds nasty.

We done gone and infected a perfectly well balanced eating society with our noxious fare.

I can't believe they actually sell those...I had to check out the link because I thought for sure you were kidding.

Sad. And gross.

Tai said...

It wouldn't be Japanese without the fried egg!

Doug Murata said...

Mmm! The メガマフィシ sounds good! The odd thing here is that I truly mean it! I'd just add mayo to it and it would be perfect for me. (Just not for my health, but I've never really cared about that.) Ah, those wonderfully advanced Japanese!

On the west coast we have FatBurger, and that's the first place where I've had a fried egg on a hamburger. Now I can't have a FatBurger without egg!

~Deb said...

I'll just hang that above the stairmaster at the gym so I have something to look forward to.

I could eat sushi and Japanese food for life - but let me ask you this: why is it that when you go to a sushi bar, the only thing "healthy" is the sushi - and the rest are all deep fried?

Is it just that they are adapting to American culture and their bad habits? I was just talking about that yesterday with someone because they didn't want to eat sushi, but we were all heading out to a Japanese sushi bar/restaurant.

Patti said...

Holy shit i'm nauseous just thinking about that. They just need to make the bun Krispy Kreme Donuts and be done with it!

Joe said...

Mmmmm....can I get all of that fried?

グラント said...

pq - will you try it if we leave off the ketchup?

tai - or at least some raw egg. I've begun to enjoy that in my soups.

doug - とてもおいしいですね。Or maybe they could include ranch dressing and bacon bits for the fries. I think I'll stick with gyoza.

~deb - I think a lot of it is due to them Americanizing foods so as not to scare us away. A lot of authentic Japanese fare is very foreign by Western standards (like raw horse). And then you have the Americans who may mean well, but take the concept and turn it into a disaster. Wal-Mart once featured the Sinatra Roll filled with cream cheese and then breaded and fried.

patti - and serve it with a side of heroin.

joe - sure - even the Coke. BTW, their value meals come with a soda and fries, plus you can tack on a 6 pack of chicken nuggets as well, just in case the rest isn't filling enough.