Monday, April 28, 2008


On Saturday the redneck / 日本人 coalition of which I am a member held their annual 花見 BBQ on the bank of the Chattahoochee river. Like all volunteer groups, they are run by a bunch of nice people who are about as organized as retarded cabbage. For example (and I am not making this up), our BBQ lunch was delayed because, after putting the charcoal in the grill and setting out the condiments and putting the sodas on ice (etc.), they realized that nobody brought a match. After we managed to create fire, events proceeded smoothly. There were several hot Asian women there, none of which indicated a desire to mate with me, so it was pretty much like staying at home except for all the bees. A Japanese guy helmed the grill and it was fun watching someone grill bugers and hot dogs with chopsticks.

As usual, the Japanese preferred to stick to themselves rather than mingle, so I only met one Japanese person and she immediately shunted me over to a white guy. The interesting thing is that these events draw other Asians who are more open and friendly. I wonder if I attend a Chinese or Korean event, will I find a few Japanese who are open to talking to anyone? Anyway, I met a few boring white people and a black woman who comandeered every conversation she joined and a non-Japanese Asian woman (from what country I'm not sure) I should see at future events (she's married, so no bunny sex for me) and a guy from Thailand named after a popular brand of applesauce. Not bad for an activity that doesn't directly lead to my penis getting wet. I give it a six.

So, that was my weekend. That, plus a little cleaning and some 日本語 studies and trying once again to make 漬物 that doesn't taste too Japanese, because the authentic stuff is a tad gross. The batch I bought was a pungent mass of pickled cucumbers sprinkled with fish flakes. Oh, I also commanded a Rigelian dreadnought in the battle to protect the Earth from the sun demons (side note - the Earth was not destroyed), but you wouldn't be interested in that.

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Patti said...

Mmmmm you said bbq.... you lost me after that!