Sunday, May 14, 2006

New Echota Tavern and Print Shop

The following pictures are of the reconstructed Vann Tavern and print shop. James Vann was the owner of the tavern and general store and was a wealthy Cherokee plantation owner. I'm not sure why Joseph Vann is pictured as a white guy. He was either the only white dude in the Vann family, or he had so much money the painter lightened him more than the others. The tavern itself served as a bar, restaurant, general store, and inn. Some of the smaller windows were used for take-out service when the innkeep didn't want the people coming inside.

The Cherokees were the first native tribe with a written language. The print shop featured here was the home of the first Cherokee newspaper, the Cherokee Phoenix. In addition to the paper, thousands of books were translated into Cherokee and were produced at the print shop.

Vann Tavern
James Vann's tavern.

Vann Tavern

Vann Tavern

Vann Tavern
Guest bed.

Vann Tavern
Prices may have gone up over the last 180 years.

Vann Tavern

Vann Tavern

Vann Tavern

Print ShopPrint shop.

Print Shop

Print Shop

Print Shop


Georgiapeach said...

Love the pics. James Vann sounds interesting. I am going to have to learn more about him. Where is this located? I would love to visit the tavern.

Angie said...

"the smaller windows were used for take-out service" It was the first official drive-thru (via horseback)! lol.

patti_cake said...

I couldn't see any of the pictures :( Will try back later

Tai said...


Grant said...

peach - it's here.

angie - that's the same thing I thought. Evil minds think alike.

patti_cake - they're showing fine on my end. Make sure you're not using a heathen browser like Firefox.

tai - thanks. I have more coming.

Kira said...

I like those prices. Do they have anything left? I see examples in the background, after all :)

SJ said...

Ah! a drink and a good book... the Cherokee's knew how to live!

hellbunny said...

Well im pretty sure it was your birthday either yesterday or today.I know its around the same time time as weary hag's.So Happy birthday Grant.Were you trying to get away without anyone noticing.

BBB_0202020 said...

my computer wouldnt let me see the pics, ggrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

poody said...

Yeh, it was about then that the government decided to strip the people of their lands and force march them in the winter time across thousands of miles from the land they knew and loved in the hills and mountains to the cold barren plains of what is now Oklahoma.I have relatives who died on the Trail of Tears.

Grant said...

kira - although I noticed the price of salt hasn't significantly grown. It was more difficult to mine in those days.

sj - party folk! No wonder Columbus mistook them for Indians. :p

hellbunny - it was on Monday. Thanks for remembering.

tigerkiss - your computer is evil. Have it professionally exorcised.

poody - I'm beginning to wonder if Kira has a good point - it's a point of pride for many people to claim to have relatives that died there, and my parents are just the sort that would lie about a thing like that.

Anonymous said...

Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.