Sunday, May 21, 2006

わたしは にほんじん です。

My conversion to Japanese is now nearly complete. I had implemented every suggestion in my book except one - the concept of 10,000 steps (about five miles) a day. The Japanese do this naturally, preferring to walk or bike instead of drive, but this is not feasible in my neck of the woods. To get to Umezono, I have to cross Cobb Parkway which is seven lanes wide at its most narrow point and has no crosswalks. To that end, I bought a treadmill and now walk a mile in the morning, two after work (in the gym), and two more after dinner.


I haven't named my treadmill yet, so any suggestions will probably be moronic and ignored. BTW, I took this picture using Ophelia, my camera, while listening to Satan Sue, my iPod.

Soba Noodles

And in another example of Japanese food superiority, here's a tasty and fast recipe for you: soba noodles with the above soba tsuyu dipping sauce. Boil the noodles for four minutes, drain, rinse under cold water (that gives them a good texture - briefly immerse in hot water if you want the noodles hot, although they're great either way) and viola! One serving of soba noodles and sauce (which is more than enough for a full meal) is about 180 calories with 10g of protein and 1.5g of fat. Serve with a small bowl of miso soup for a little more protein (although I don't bother with the fried tofu used in that recipe).


Doug Murata said...

わたしは ばかな アメリカじん です。

I saw that on a shirt while at UCLA.

For a name to be ignored, I offer: Joyce. She's the girlfriend of a character named David Walkerton in the online comic Joyce and Walky. David is usually referred to by a shortening of his last name: Walky. If the pair ever get married (as is desired by the two, but probably not by the writer,) her named would become Joyce Walkerton, or Joyce Walky. (More on Joyce: She started off practically as an obsessive Christian fundamentalist, but has recently been "corrupted" to the point of challenging that view. Most notably, it's been challenged by her original fear of "pre-marital hanky-panky" to the point of constantly screwing Walky whenever she gets the chance. While not exactly eschewing the Christian lifestyle, she doesn't adhere to her Christian faith as strongly as she used to.)

SJ said...

How about Walk-iko or Walk-asaki?

I remember when I was in the US of A and not having a car I couldn't walk to the railway station because there was a highway to be crossed and there were these pavements that just abruptly ended ... I had to depend on a friend to get to the railway station this was in Downer's Grove Illinois.

Liz said...

Glad to see someone is working out ;)

PBS said...

I only have moronic names to suggest for your treadmill.

hellbunny said...

love your treadmill

patti_cake said...

Um I vote naming your treadmill May Pang after John Lennon's lover. After all he was a fellow Japanese lover like you.
When I used to go the gym the treadmill was my favorite piece of equipment

GirlGoyle said...

Your total obsession with the Japanese culture just...mesmerizes me.

Eternity said...

I suggest "Stupid Freaking Machine" but that is just me.

sdRay said...

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