Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday, a Monday, a very merry Monday

Busy day today so probably no posting. Get off the ledge - I promise to return. :p

Quick questions - do you think the blog would be better with a smaller and/or different font, and should I change or delete the background sound? I like it, but it can get kind of annoying after awhile. I thought of going with the sound of a chainsaw on a continuous loop, but that's an idea funnier in concept than execution. Maybe a little death metal for your listening pleasure. >:)

Hell, out.

P.S. Does anybody else find it mildly ironic that Blogger's spell check doesn't recognize the word "blog"?


The Stiltwalker said...

I wanna hear some Tool and make the font smaller, lol.

hellbunny said...

Yes you can add me to your blogroll Grant.

The sound is alright.I'd like chainsaw sounds it sounds cool.

patti_cake said...

Whew it didn't want to let me comment.. now I can't remember what I wanted to say!
Um, I have sound turned off (at work) but the font looks fine to me

Prata said...

The font could stay, as each browser has a way of resizing on its own. Looks fine in Firefox!

I can't hear the sound though, but I'm at work and remoting (via No Machine X client) to my linux box at home. I hate windows.

Tool would be okay. Maybe an occasional Japanese thing? ^_^ heheh

Nobius said...

Well I want to know where the dancing naked ladies are....

Or like can you change your blog so when I leave a comment I get second hand pot-fumes or something. :)

The spell checker doesn't notice much of anything.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I have my sounds turned down all the time (I usually blog from the office!) But some of your favorite death metal would probably be enjoyable for those times when I do have my sound turned up a bit.

And I personally like your font size...I prefer a larger font to a smaller one. :)

messiah said...

font is good, but slightly smaller would be fine too. I don't mind your background sound - i use firefox so it doesn't play ;) ok - i actually use a plugin to view your page using the ie engine since you worked so hard at it.

i believe my second post ever was a comment on blog & blogger not being recognized by their own spellcheck. so yes, noted.

Eternity said...

Yes, blog, blogger, and other various obvious words.

Eternity said...

I can't hear any sound but am quite happy about that. I tend to have other sounds (TV or music) going on and blogs with songs or noise annoy me.

Okay okay, they usually scare the shit out of me, especially if I have my speakers turned way up and am in no way expecting it.

I do like the new look though.