Monday, April 17, 2006

Bitch Slapped!

After Leesa and ~Deb had so much fun here, I submitted my blog for review by the gals at I Talk Too Much (review is here). I was a bit disappointed. My review was by Merciless Minx, who is, frankly, a bit too merciful. Still, she did refer to this blog as creepy and stupid, so thanks, bitch. :) Anybody who thinks they can do better (giving me a hard time, not blogging) should do so in the comments.

Seriously, I did notice several people said the maroon background with white text wreaked havoc on their eyes. I chose it because I find it pleasant and easy on the peepers. Let me know if you would prefer a lighter background with dark text and I'll consider revising.


april said...

I cannot view that site at work, so how many slaps did you get?

Grant said...

Only one. She liked some of the writing (the style anyway), but hated the template and thought a lot of was I said was stupid.

Nobius said...

Perhaps you should send the reviewer a prestent.

Maybe a dead rabbit or something.

Now that would be creepy.


april said...

That's what I don't like about that site, most of their reviews are based on templates/fonts etc.

I actually only know one person who has gotten a good review. This is why I won't submit my site. I don't think they'd care for my shitting gorilla. After all, he's no powerpuff girl. (do they still have those on their site?)

Grant said...

nobius - dead bunnies are inappropriate after Easter. I'm thinking an eviscerated ocelot would be more appropriate, given the local weather.

april - they might still do PPG, but I selected the Charlie's Angels skin. They're known more for being bitchy than actually rating blogs. Personally, I don't care about the opinions of strangers, but it was fun reading her complaints. I only wish she'd griped a bit more. Dang - can't even get bitched out properly.

hellbunny said...

I like the template color myself.

TTD said...

i like it the way it is now.. works great w/ my eyes..

geekdarling said...

I hate those bitches. It's like they're 'trying' to give constructive criticism AND failing at being bitchy.

SupComTabz said...

Well - half of "visiting" a blog is being able to read it.... so the site SHOULD review your template and stuff.

Mel said...

I like it Bunny-Bleeder, I likes it a lot!

patti_cake said...

Screw them and their lame-ass reviews. You rock Grant and the background/font works for me :D

Anonymous said...

you wanted a real bitch-slap? well why didn't you tell us!

hell - giving ppl a hard time is fun!

red is an annoying colour for the eyes - its makes the letters all fuzzy, but always light writing on dark background. NEVER the other way round. It shows you have a lot of pent up anger - wanna talk about it?
Why the hell is your byline green? Is that meant to match? Talk about mixed messages.
Then your links are blue and purple! do you have any design sense? Or maybe you just can't figure out how.
and that banner. Sure it creepy, in a sad "i have no real live" kinda way. You obviously think way too much of your site and your scariness. Besides, what happened to the sounds?
Its so pathetic i'm speechless... not really.
and the content? talk about yellow fever! ;D
Oh - and thats a freaking long sidebar, do you expect me to read it?... wait, since when did it change to *blasphemy* ?
Whats with your readers too - you just asked for a hard time and they're complimenting you!

for real
i don't actually mind the red - you could always make it a shade or too darker.
don't take me to seriously, i'm just not bitchy enough to be serious. [those bitches is up-demsevles]

BBB_0202020 said...

well, that sucks i never heard if this site before.

BBB_0202020 said...

i like the red

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I kinda like the red...and I've loved your template since the first time I saw it.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

And at least you had the balls to go over there and ask them to rate you...I'd never do that...they'd probably rip my blog to shreds! :)

Grant said...

hellbunny - thanks.

ttd - thanks.

geekdarling - I think they've gotten a little full of themselves and have started viewing their opinions as universal truths. I liked them better when they were just unabashedly bitchy. Then it was kind of fun.

subcomtabz - true, dat.

mel - thanks.

patti_cake - I didn't actually care what they thought, I just went there for the bitchcraft.

fatty - thanks, but you're too nice to be really bitchy. Not that I'm complaining.

tigerkiss - I'm not upset. They're more of a "Sign up to get bitch slapped" than a real review site, so I got what I wanted. Besides, who cares what a bunch of strangers think of our blogs?

tigerkiss - thanks.

pq - thanks.

pq - it's their job. Bitchy women are fun to play with. I'd never have a real bitch for a friend, but it's fun to wine them, dine them, bend them over the hood of my car, then drop them off in a bad neighborhood and shout "Free crack!" as I drive away.

Kerry said...

I find the colours fine, you dont seem that creepy. I enjoy reading your blog. (that site is rather "yawn".. trying to a bitch never comes off right, bitches are BORN, you dont try to be one, I think they have failed )

Grant said...

kerry - I don't seem that creepy? Meaning I'm a little creepy? :p

I think one of the ladies at the IT2M site seems like the genuine article, and the rest are a little weak. I don't know why they added the guy to the mix. A bitchy guy just isn't the same thing at all.

Leesa said...

Hey, you got one more slap than I did. Not fair!

Minx did me as well. Although I have to admit I am a little turned on by the word "minx" she didn't slap me nearly hard enough.

Liz said...

Blog reviews…. Is that similar to book reviews? People that can’t write wail on those that can because of their own insecurities.

A review of the review might say she uses the word stupid too much (incidentally once is too much, get a thesaurus). Also, she really didn’t reveal any information about the blogs she reviewed at all.

Kerry said...

maybe a tiny bit creepy. :P