Thursday, February 16, 2006

I Survived the Great Blizzard of '06

Just a quick note to let you all know that I survived the great wintry tempest here in Georgia that shall be forever etched into our minds as the Great Blizzard of ’06.


Actually, it was more of the great After-Snow (if earthquakes can have aftershocks, blizzards can have after-snows) of ’06. I awoke Sunday morning to see actual snow falling, but by the time I thought to grab my camera a half hour later it had already melted (even the stuff in the shadows). The picture I took was on Monday. I opened the door to leave for work and saw the winter wonderland pictured above. It was gone by lunch, of course.

I survived – barely. Any worse and I could have been killed the power might have blinked I might have noticed before stepping outside.

Note – it’s pronounced “aught six” for those of you who live on the improper side of the Manson-Nixon divide (including you ultra Yankees who live on the wrong side of the Molson-Huron line).


Ms. X said...

Lucky you. Having survived so much snow. Imagine living in New England, where the snow doesn't seem to stop. I am jealous.

circe said...

Grant, That is just damn scary! I'm shaking in my black leather boots as we speak, er, as I type. You could have been badly hurt with that nasty powdery white stuff coming down at lord knows what speed! *gulp*

So glad you survived and I do hope you get a free t-shirt out of the deal.
(you know, 'I survived the great Ga. Blizzard of '06'


Tai said...

Looks like Vancouver blizzards...I've barely survived a few of those myself!

Kira said...

I'm sure that's all black ice on that parking lot...very deadly...I hope you stayed home and didn't drive on that!

april said...

You POOR POOR man!! All that cold and no woman to keep you warm. It's a damn shame I say.

Kerry said...

You poor thing! Sweetie, I hate it that you had to weather that storm by yourself. I'm so thankful that you are surrounded by warm and caring neighbors that would tend to you if needed. God only knows how long you could have been homebound with all that sticky stuff on the ground! My prayers go out to you ;)

Liz said...

Is that the Grant mobile?

Stay warm burning the souls of those you hate.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Yeah, I'm with you...I don't think I'd ever survive a tempest like that...I'd freeze to death! :)

Stay warm! :)

Grant said...

ms. x - I'm sure the New Englanders are just blowing it out of proportion. After all, it's not really "New England" now, is it?

circe - if I have the t-shirts printed, can you sell them through your web site? Or at work?

tai - unfortunately the Canadians have to deal with rampaging moose as well, so those little snow flurries aren't the only problem up there.

kira - I had hoped to use it as an excuse to cut out early, but (surprisingly) everyone else showed for work that day.

april - I should have called my dentist and asked if she needed someone to wrap around her.

kerry - I'm surprised my warm and caring neighbors didn't come knocking for money / beer / a ride to the liquor store for more beer.

liz - the Grant mobile is in the background. I thought about asking donations for the guy who owns the truck in the foreground to aid the parking disabled, but he did a better than normal job in that picture. Most of the time his giant Dakota takes up two spaces.

sands of time said...

I don't mind the snow its the darn cold they have that i hate.Last night it dropped down to -51 here.

Gib said...

Fortunately, us hardy Southerners are built to withstand whatever arctic conditions Mother Nature might see fit to burden us with, right?

Melissa said...

Should I call FEMA to come in and dig you out?

TTD said...

our snow (in MD) lasted a little longer than that.. a lot is still on the ground

~Deb said...

The weather is getting weird. Right now in New York, we have 70 mph wind! The blizzard that we had, melted the next day too.

I'm telling ya----we're going to all melt! The sky is falling!!!!!

I need my meds.

Grant said...

pq - I heard that down in FL it got so cold people considered not wearing shorts for a day. :p

pink lady - wow! - 51. I don't think I've seen a negative temp in over a decade.

gib - feckin' A! After we defeated the Union army while liberating Kuwait in WWI, we showed 'em that nothing can stop us. (benefits of a public school 3rd grade education)

melissa - go ahead. Tell them to bring popsicles since they'll probably arrive in time for August.

ttd - MD? Medical Doctor? I didn't realize med school makes you chilly. That explains the coats.

~deb - I predicted you would comment today. Save some meds for me. :)

annush said...

"aught six"?
I DEFINITELY can't move to atlanta then! i don't think I can pronounce that on purpose!

PBS said...

Wow, what a blizzard ha ha! That's what our MAY looks like.

I couldn't pronounce the year any way but "O-six" either!

Grant said...

annush & PBS - you need elocution lessons. Stand in front of the mirror and say "All'a y'all is goofy talkin'" until you have a hankering for fried squirrel.