Friday, January 27, 2006

Three Things

Liz tagged me a long time ago and I nearly forgot. I’m supposed to list three things that nobody knows about me. This may be difficult because I’m fairly open on this blog, except for things which could land me in jail like the locations of all bodies, but here goes.

1. When I eat a meal consisting of different courses (meat, veggies, bread), I tend to eat one at a time until it’s gone and then I move on to the next one. I don’t have any particular order. If the dessert is available, I’m just as likely to eat it as the entrée or side dishes. This has led to many inquiries into the quality of the food. “Is the meat okay?” “I’m sure it’s fine, I’m just eating the potatoes now.”

2. When I get cold, which is rare considering the state I live in (psychopathic rage Georgia), I tend to cover the parts that get cold first. I’ll most likely put on heavy socks and gloves before long pants and flannel shirts. Again, this tends to draw pointless questions from people. “Gloves and short sleeves, huh?” “Yeah, my fingers are cold but the rest of me is okay.” “Well, if you warm your core temperature it may help to warm your fingers. Why don’t you wear one of those sleeveless jackets?” “Why don’t I just warm the part that’s cold?” Conversations like that make me think of all the hard work those trees did to convert the CO2 into Oxygen, and we just fucked it up.

3. Again, for the record, I don’t actually worship the devil. No matter how many times I tell people that, they tend to fall back on that assumption. Just because I listen to devil music and like Halloween better than Christmas (a.k.a. HKRXmasux) and watch horror movies and cheer when the bad guy wins (especially in Evilspeak) and get mad when people compare President Bush to Lucifer because L deserves more respect and the fact that I’m totally feckin’ evil and think that you, personally, would look good wearing a coat of maggots as you rot in a ditch, there’s no need to jump to conclusions.

I’m supposed to tag three others, but I won’t. If you read this far, consider yourself tagged.


Nobius said...

Hmm, I'll have to think about that one, however I can say that I also eat one thing at a time always. I usually save my drink for last. And I start by eating that which I like the least. SO, I absolutely have a quandry when I like two menu items equally.

Anonymous said...

But what about those things that taste so yummy TOGETHER?

Three things you don't know about me: I love dill pickles, I have a bad habit of writing and printing at the same time, and I often talk to myself- even when others are around.

That Girl

~Deb said...

You know, my girlfriend does the same exact thing when she eats. She first goes to the veggies, then to the rice and then to the meat- or whatever order, and she has been questioned numerous times by people including myself, "WHY do you always do that? DO you like the food? Is everything okay?"

It's quite funny. On the other hand, you don't like good ol' George Dubbilya'!??? (hehee)

Liz said...

I’ve noticed lots of people mention their eating habits and all of them seem quite weird, including mine. Wonder if there is some gene that controls them. Hmmm…

Halloween does rule and Bush sucks. It’s not Satanism, it’s common sense.