Saturday, December 31, 2005

Why I'm better than you, reason #266,276e+09

Does anyone notice a familiar name on the cover of the latest Tales of the Talisman?


That's right. I rule. They also illustrated my story, which never fails to completely thrill me.


Copies are on sale here at LBF Books. Buy one now and I'll autograph your copy for loads of cash or sexual favors. :p

Note - they left my name off the author bio page for some reason, but at least the story finally got published. Ironically, this is both my least favorite story and the biggest exposure I've gotten to date.


Just Some Gal said...

Congratulations babe!!

Loads of cash OR sexual favors?


I am rather happy for you. I hope this is telling of how 2006 will be for you. Have a good celebration and safe time.


Valkyrie said...

Congratulations, Grant!

I think I'll get one next week. (Pay week.) I can't wait to buy it, but I have to.

Maybe I'll ask Nobius for a free copy of his little publication.

Long live the GAC's.

Nobius said...

Good deal man. I'll pick up a copy soon myself. I'll promote it for you on my blog too.

Year Happy New.

I swear nothing happens when I start drinking.

Which I have. :)

annush said...


wow! I now know a published writer!

woo hoo!!

RKR said...

Happy New Year Mr. Writer! Let's talk more about those favors...

So proud that our little man is growing up...**patting you on the head (the proper one)**

Butterscotch said...

YAY! I am so happy for you. Now if only your socks would cooperate.

But really, that is fantastic!

Happy New Year!

Weary Hag said...

Holy publication!

Congrats to you, Grant! Wonderful wonderful news ... I'm off to buy a copy and add it to my growing shelf of "newly published peeps I know from blogging." (even though you've been published before)

Sometimes, the least expected story gets attention. What's that tell ya? SUBMIT ... SUBMIT ... SUBMIT (and not in the sexual way - though that's okay too).

Good job, Grant! I've always had great faith in you.

Liz said...

Good for you Grant!

H.E.Eigler said...


Good job on ya Grant!

It's always nice to see an acceptance.

ps. I 'won' a flash fiction contest for LBF books - Writer's Post Journal which was supposed to get me $25 and 2 contrib copies. I still haven't seen my winnings(this was back in August) I hope you have better luck with them, maybe it's cause I'm Canuck......?

Spider Girl said...

Congrats Grant! Yay on the illustration too.

Its weird how sometimes your least favourite work is what gets recognized. Once an art teacher of mine chose two pieces from my portfolio to go in this student art show. I was really pleased at the thought, but he picked the two pieces which would have picked last to go in.

He thought they were very original. Well, that they were. *cough cough*