Friday, December 16, 2005

Quik Movie Review

In fact I’m so pressed for time you’ll note I didn’t have the time to include the “c” in Quick. I just saw Underworld – the J horror anthology, not the Kate Beckinsale piece of crap. It has everything a good movie should – suicide, murder, horror, death, blood, enucleated eyes, eyes bleeding, etc. The first segment was the best, featuring Asian schoolgirls running around in their uniforms, chattering in their high-pitched registers, then dying one by one and leaving behind adorable little bloodied corpses. There was probably a plot as well, but I don’t care. My eye candy and bloodlust needs had been well met. J horror rulz!

Sorry, but again I’m too busy to type all of the letters, such as the “es” in “rules.” Sometime in the future I’ll post in olde Aenglish to make up the difference.


Valkyrie said...

Have you seen Battle Royale? It's a Japanese movie about high schoolers being stranded (by the government) on a island and forced to kill until only one remains.

It's an interesting concept and the body count gets pretty high.

Butterscotch said...

Hey now! I liked the Underworld that you called crap.

Liz said...

You mentioned the Harry Potter movie and your attraction to the Asian chick awhile back, I finally went to see it. Just in general I thought the movie had a bit of a sex undertone for a kid’s flick. Harry in the tub seemed like a Michael Jackson fantasy.