Friday, December 30, 2005

It’s Friday and I’m Bored So Here’s a Meme

Taken from Sarcasmo:

Four Jobs you've had in your life:
U.S. Army, Infantry
Retail Security
Database Administrator

Four movies you could watch over and over:
Sin City
Donnie Darko
The Green Mile
Monty Python’s Life of Brian

Four places you've lived:
Louisville, Kentucky
Nashville, Tennessee
Gelnhausen, Germany
Atlanta, Georgia

Four TV shows you love to watch: (note – I don’t watch TV shows during the broadcast season, but I like some on DVD)
Gilmore Girls
The Shield
Babylon 5
Father Ted

Four places you've been on vacation:
Callela, Spain
My living room
I don’t get out much
Do I?

Four websites you visit daily:
Any updated blogs in my feed
The MSN home page for weather and info
CNN for news

Four of your favorite foods:
Any subs from Baldino’s
Cajun style seafood
Kung Pao Chicken

Four places you'd rather be:
Anywhere in the UK
Anywhere but here at work

Four books everyone should read (I added this one):
Hearts in Atlantis by Stephen King – my personal all-time favorite
A Fine Dark Line by Joe R. Lansdale – a gem from an underappreciated writer
The Song of Fire and Ice series by George R. R. Martin – I’m treating this as one long, unfinished, and brilliant story.
The Bible by god supposedly, although nobody has yet to produce a single signed copy – if you’re going to preach, do it right. Otherwise good for a laugh.

If you've read this far, you must be bored; in which case you should consider yourself tagged.


AVA said...

I'm bored to death, I did read all the way through it, but I'm so lazy at this point that I doubt I'll be posting anything today ;)

Nobius said...

Someday I'll post some of these Memes too.

yep, it's me.... said...

fabulous list, love the places you've been