Tuesday, December 20, 2005

In Your Face, Jebus

'Tis the season...to stick it to the xtians.

I'm not trying to be sardonic here. I'm just saying keep your religion out of our classes and we'll keep our Algebra out of your church. "Open your bibles to Luke ax^2-bx+c. If a sinner leaves Detroit heading West at x miles per hour and he prays at a rate of y Hail Mary's per mile, how far will he go before he realizes that man is mortal and winds up a piece of maggoty meat in a ditch in front of a roadside saloon? Assume that z is equal to the apogee of any passing planetoid and that god is infallible (i.e. the delta vee of pi)." You know nobody wants that.


PBS said...

Religious math. I like that. But good thing they didn't have it in my school, I would have done worse at it than regular math!

Mel said...

I think my brain just seized up and started humming the tune to the opening credits of One Tree Hill. I'm happy I went to school in Australia, albeit a Christian School for Heathens.