Tuesday, November 22, 2005

More Meme

Because I am again too busy with work to do anything creative, I "borrowed" a meme questionnaire from R.

Why did you start blogging?
As a means of expressing myself, and of building a fan base for when I publish my first novel. Since blogging for the last year or so I now have about five loyal fans, at least two of which might buy my book.

Have you ever wanted to meet a blogger in person?
Kinda sorta, but not really. I think I'm happier with the long distance aspect of the blogpal relationship.

Have you ever met a blogger in person?
Nope. I avoid human contact.

Have you ever spoken to one on the phone?
I hate phones. They are the debbil's bidness.

Do you have more than one blog?
Not anymore. I go through some dry periods, especially when I'm writing a lot at home, and I can barely keep this blog afloat.

Where do your ideas for posts come from?
I hate that question. Any real writer knows we don't know from where we get our ideas, and non-writers will never truly understand no matter what you say.

Have you ever fallen for another blogger?
Nope. I don't do Internet dating.

How many blogs do you read?
I have 46 blog feeds, but my daily reads depend on how much work I have and who has updated.

What do you like to read in a blog?
Anything well written, but personal experiences and perspectives are the best.

Are there blogs you shy away from?
Hate blogs or anything that preaches intolerance, or just plain preaches. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Christianity.

Why do you keep writing?
For the same reason I drink beer - to silence the voices in my head. You think I'm kidding.


Just Some Gal said...

This was really cool to read.

I agree about the internet dating thing. I don't know that I could date a person that has read my blog. Where the hell would I go to bitch about stuff? Why would ever want anyone to really see this aspect of me in "real life".

Drinking beer and alcohol in general helps with the voices here too. Takes it from a dull roar to a slight annoying cricket noise.

Keep writing and I hope the NanaWriMo is going well.

Libélula said...

Loud Music often silences the voices in MY head...or kinda just tones them down a bit...

I agree with you on the Blogs you shy away from...I hate preachers too...

Dani said...

For someone who says they don’t like “Hate blogs or anything that preaches intolerance” you sure are intolerant of Christianity.
Such hypocrisy!

Liz said...

Very insightful Grant. I wouldn’t want people I know reading my blog, that’s where I get away from those jerks. The questions make it sound like blog hook ups are common. Wonder if they are. Too much stalking for me to venture out.

Anonymous said...

Very good post and honest answers to those questions.

angel, jr. said...

Cool to read!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Interesting answers....I may have to steal this meme from you. Just letting you know...:)

And I'm with Liz on the blog reading...I don't want ANYONE I know (in real life) reading my blog. My blog is where I go to bitch about 'em (that's why they think I'm such a nice person). If they looked VERY close to the smile behind the smile, they'd see the insanity that lies just beneath my calm, cool exterior.

Whew...where the hell did THAT come from???

Butterscotch said...

Are you intolerant of all Christians or just the ones who preach?

What about poking? Does it bug you when someone pokes you?

POKE POKE! Any reaction? Huh, huh?

I really need a drink.

Weary Hag said...

First of all - Since Christianity proves to be one of the greatest examples of intolerance, I totally understand where you're coming from on that.

Now ... I fell for you a long time ago Grant. Hate to admit it, but I had printed out two of your blog posts to read on the throne and while walking down the stairs and reading, I lost footing on the bottom step. I don't much care for falling for fellow bloggers either.

You give good meme.