Tuesday, October 18, 2005

In your face, Robert Mugabe

I just wanted to post this because it's rare to find anyone these days willing to admit this is a decent country with some really nice people, except for that guy in the little red hatchback who kept honking his horn at me because I wouldn't make a turn on a red light across three lanes of busy traffic. He's an asshole, and he'd better hope I never get my hands on him.

But otherwise this country is mostly populated with kind people like me.


sands of time said...

They must be really fit doing that.I don't think i'd even make it out of the city limits.

Spider Girl said...

Actually all the Americans I've ever personally met and gotten to know have been really great people.

But I'm glad when I travel that I'm Canadian because yeah, people do seem to judge American people rather unfairly.

I've actually met American backpackers with maple leaf flags on their packs. It's too bad they felt they had to do that.

Anyway...those people walking across America must have had an incredible trip.

Weary Hag said...

Don't kid yourself Grant. Those old stoners weren't just hiking across America. They were still out trying to find themselves. Hippie bastards.