Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Something Tasty This Way Comes

I’ve been doing most of my grocery shopping at Harry’s Farmers Market recently, buying unprocessed organic foods. One problem with natural food is that it doesn’t last as long as the stuff that is chemically engineered to outlast even Keith Richards. So, my larder is mostly empty and I make frequent trips to the market to buy the next few days’ meals. The downshot of this is that if something interrupts my meal plans, I don’t have much backup in store.

Take today, for instance. I had planned a bowl of porridge for breakfast, a cup of microwaveable Campbell’s Chunky Soup (grilled chicken and sausage gumbo) for lunch, and then a steak and salad for dinner. Motivated by the desire to have a non-explosive lunch, I had a cup of microwaveable soup for breakfast, and I brought my salad for this afternoon. Yes, I’m having salad for lunch. The lettuce police can stop oppressing me now. You know who you are. :p

So, what does that leave me? A steak and a bowl of porridge for dinner. Actually, I do have a few fallback items in the freezer. I’ll save the porridge for the weekend and pull out one of those frozen veggie bags I bought during the bronze age. After I clear away the attached glacier, they should still be edible.


Malia said...

Are you going by a certain diet pln or doing it all on you own?


Grant said...

I'm doing it on my own. I started by doing the opposite of Morgan Spurlock in Super-Size Me, namely quitting fast food and processed stuff in favor of healthy organics for 30 days, and I felt so much better that it's evolving into a lifestyle change.