Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Quik Note

One of my fellow help desk operators was just asked by his caller if he has been saved as an xtian. Times like these make me wish we were allowed to scream "Eat shit and die!" at some of our customers.


Valkyrie said...

People like that make me want to sing Heresy by NIN.

Gib said...

On the other hand, telephone evangelism is a good way to respond to telemarkers. A friend of my from my standup days used to do a bit about it.

"You know, as a matter of fact, I am unhappy with my long distance service. It makes me feel the way I felt before I allowed Jesus into my heart."

"Do you know Jesus? Is Jesus a part of what you do for MCI? While you're helping me make long-distance calls to my mother in law, let me help you make a long-distance call to the Lord!"

Pablo Rodas said...

are you serious?