Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Day Thirty

Today is the last day of the thirty day eat real natural foods trial, and all is well. Tomorrow I will celebrate by doing absolutely nothing different, although I have decided on another quick trial. Next Saturday I will drink sodas and only eat fast food – just for the day, not a month. I want to see if a single day of that stuff can have a noticeably bad effect on my body now that it has completely detoxed. I chose Saturday because I won’t be at work and can spare my coworkers any discomfort if it upsets my stomach, and I’ll be traveling which makes fast food the drug of choice. I'll blog the results assuming I survive.

1 comment:

VomitGod said...

Awesome that you made it 30 days...did you have your food orgy yet? I'm only 9 days in vs. no sugar and I already want to off myself in the nastiest of ways.

Cheers (with a Twinkie), mate!