Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Long Time No Bloggie

I had envisioned a productive and busy Memorial Day weekend, filled with reading and writing and possibly checking out the mall of Georgia and the IMAX theatre, but I had some unexpected guests – germs. I came down with a cold Thursday night, forcing me to call in sick Friday (which suited me fine) but I also had to cancel my entire weekend’s plans (which sux). I spent the weekend on a queen-sized inflatable mattress watching Babylon 5 on DVD while waiting for the germs to depart. Fortunately it was just a head cold, but I wasn’t sure how to treat it. What is the old adage – feed a cold, drink a fever under the table? And why is it these things always seem to happen on a holiday weekend?

It occurred to me that germs must take vacation too. Like so many “sane” humans who vacation by pretending they don’t own the house they pay for by “roughing it,” I’m guessing some germs feel the need to leave the sick bodies they inhabit to venture forth and holiday in a healthy vessel. I guess it’s time to review the blogs. If I find anyone who is normally in poor health but suddenly got well for the holiday weekend, your ass is kicked.

So, I’m back to work this week and slowly rejoining the human rat race. I’m still feeling too icky to write, but at least I can get back to reading and watching more B5. I will maintain a strict health regimen of barbecue and ice cream. Hopefully my life will be back on track by this weekend.


Valkyrie said...

I'm glad you're a ok. Kick some germ ass.

colleen said...

Whenever I don't know exactly what it is I'm doing and it feels like wasting my time, I like to call it "research." Nice blog.

Ali said...

aww hope u feel sick over the holiday myself...BAH...coughs up phlem. HACK HACK...oh..opps hairball. :p

Weary Hag said...

I think if you eat a whole lot of canned beans, you might be able to fart those germs out. Just a theory. Untested of course; or is it?