Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I Got Nothing

I spent a wonderful day today not going to work. I slept late and read from Tim Dorsey’s The Stingray Shuffle, a wonderful book that includes the prayer “Oh, Lord, protect us from Your followers. Amen.” Then I went to the Car Spa for my car, then Bally’s for my body, then Target to buy gum and sodas to undo any good I may have accidentally inflicted upon myself. In short, it’s been a good and stress-free day. Hence, I got nothing to write about.

I turned to the news headlines, but no help there. The only thing the news sources have to report is that the pope is still dead. I guess there’s no point in hoping he’ll come around like his boss. Anyway, I have not posted any negative comments about his holiness out of compassion for any xtian readers I might have…oh, what the hell.

Many are saying he’s been a great pope, worthy of sainthood. If he’s one of the best, it’s because he hasn’t had much competition. I always considered him to be a worthless symbol, something to be trotted out on religious holidays like an xmas tree or bunny rabbit, but with no real impact on the largely non-catholic world. The only thing that ever changed my mind was the way he “handled” (by which I mean “ignored”) the church’s sex scandal being plastered over the world’s media. When he finally bothered to respond, he denounced the habitual rape of children by “celibate” priests as evil. Boy, talk about going out on a limb. Playing hide the salami with seven year olds is evil. What’s next? Water is wet? That was the thing that got me about the whole scandal – the catholic lack of anger, and it started at the very top. I heard a lot of excuses, but very little righteous indignation or vows to solve the problem.

To quote the equally deceased Hunter S. Thompson, “Fuck the pope.”

So, as I said, I got nothing to say. Better luck tomorrow.

Silent as the grave, out


Nobius said...

Lord protect us from your followers...that's funny.


I'm on vacation tomorrow and Friday myself.

Weary Hag said...

Love that line from the book you're reading. Sounds like something you might have penned.
The thing that gets me about the Late Great Pontiff is that there are millions of "great" people out there. Millions. None will get any recognition simply because of the chosen few who are in the limelight. I'd rather watch a news segment every night on plain old ordinary folks who were good and kind and lived peaceful but meaningful lives. At least I wouldn't have to look at pointy hats and obscenely lush robes.
And another thing. He's starting to look pretty ripe now. People are lining the streets and standing for hours just to get a 10-second whiff of him? To me, this speaks volumes about those folks.

Ali said...

Very good point. Its Freaked up that they turned their backs to the rapes of young children/mostly the boys...but hey .... As far as I know....no offense to anyone...but pedifilers (sp?) and rapist have been a long history standing in the church for centuries...not saying its ok.

Believe me...it angers me the lives these maggots have ruined...Hiding behind belief that doesn't sustain their belief. BAH!

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