Thursday, March 03, 2005

This is my brain…on work

Forget drugs. If you want something to addle your brain and sap your senses, look no farther than your local cubefarm. I’ve spent the last four days in alternating states of balls-to-the-wall number crunching (fear and loathing, anyone?) and mind-numbing boredom. As a result, I haven’t been able to think of anything blogworthy other than a few quiz results.

So, I had a brilliant idea that I stole from Weary Hag. If there are any topics or stories that anyone would like to read, please (shameless comment plea ahead) leave a comment and tell me. I’m open to any topics – childhood stories, military anecdotes, personal writing observations, angry rants, flash fiction, book or movie reviews, anything. Be as specific as possible. I’ll try to be honest and accommodating, unless you give me a great idea for a new novel or short story, in which case I will ride your idea to glory, rise above all nations on this mudball of a planet, and then SQUASH YOU ALL LIKE BUGS MWAHAHAHAAAA! In a rare display of gratitude, instead of crushing your skull beneath my heel, I will allow you to escape between my toes. Hint – aim for the space between the big, fat one and the other little piggies.

Muzzed, out


Weary Hag said...

For me, there's nothing quite as warm and fuzzy as a well-stated rant (just don't get too political on me or I'll run away flailing my arms about in seizure-like fashion). It's my best guess that something, somewhere has pissed you off to the max in the past couple of weeks... maybe a crowded freeway or a simple trip to the grocery store to purchase mass quantities? Give us your best shot. I have complete confidence.


Sask 1 said...

Personally i too love reading a good rant.I love real life experiences too.Those are always interesting to read.

Nobius said...

Fuckihng BLOGGER isn't working again.

Listen man, I have two words for you: Flash Fiction.

Post flash fiction man.

In fact, I need to do some more of that myself.