Sunday, February 20, 2005

Writing News

Words written: not sure. I forgot to mark my starting point at the end of the week, so I just wrote for the week without the pressure of meeting a certain mark. I enjoyed it, but I think I'm a little more productive when I apply some pressure to myself.

My party season is over until May, so now's the time to focus. Next week's goal: 5,000 words. I'm starting easy, but plan to increase the goal a little at a time until my grasp exceeds my reach and I end up depressing myself, whereupon I will go on a saki binge, consider suicide or joining a monastery or Starbucks, get a grip on life, rededicate myself to writing, and begin again. Hopefully I'll finish the first draft of the novel before the saki takes hold.

Discombobulation, out.

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