Sunday, January 02, 2005

Writing News

Words written: 800.

Not a great start to the year, but at least it's forward motion. Writing today broke me out of my post-celebratory funk, so hopefully the following days will be more productive.

I've decided my writing goals for this year will be to finish the current novel, write a couple of short stories, get a few more published (I haven't sent any out in months), and complete my next novel. The working title (which will have to be changed) is "Holy Shit!" I'm anxious to start but pushing it out of my head until I finish the current work.


Anonymous said...

Hello Grant! How the hell are you? Or How in hell are you? Whichever you prefer. Good to see you still writing.
Let's play a game...guess who I am?
Hint: I write to, however the pen is my enemy as of lately. I don't write stories however...
Remember me, just for fun?

Grant said...

I give up. Who is this?

Anonymous said...

You are no fun! A few hints...we went to school together, had friends in common, and I had a crush on you...If you don't guess now, my feelings will be hurt so badly I'll have to run away and change my name!

Grant said...

Hi, Tammy (or is it spelled Tammie). I lost track of you when the last e-mail address I had for you died. If you have time, send me a note (a link to my e-mail address is under my picture) and let me know how you are doing.