Tuesday, January 04, 2005


...which used to delight me to no end, is now royally screwing up. In addition to ungodly turnaround times (sometimes up to two weeks), I ordered Pearl Harbor from them. It stayed on their wait list for a couple of months, then finally shipped. On the day it was supposed to arrive, I received a message from them thanking me for returning it. I sent an e-complaint to their customer service (hah) peoples, then re-ordered the movie. It stayed on the wait list for a couple more weeks, then shipped again. During this time, the 2nd disc of Invader Zim experienced the same quick turnaround (leaving me out of the loop). Having forgotten about my e-gripe, I received a response telling me that these things happen sometimes.

So, once again Pearl Harbor failed to arrive on it's due date. Today I received a series of e-mails thanking me for returning Pearl Harbor as well as two discs of Monty Python. A further missive explained that I had returned a personal disc instead of one of theirs, and they want their disc back.

Of course, I just know Pearl Harbor will not be good enough to justify all my efforts. Maybe I should give it up now. Time to give Blockbuster a whirl.


Gib said...

Maybe Netflix is trying to tell you "dude, you really don't want this movie."

Anonymous said...


Awww...that really sucks! :(

VomitGod said...

Heh heh...if you ever get around to seeing Pearl Harbor, let me know whether it sucks or blows. I haven't given it the time of day, and perhaps I should...I do like war movies, after all. I'm scared of movies starring Affleck, and absolutely terrified by films directed by Michael Bay.