Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Writing News

Words written: 1,300.

Movie night was cancelled this week, giving me an extra writing day before the year's end. With two days to go, I only need 1,000 words/day to reach my goal. Success is practically assured.

Having blogged that, I will now be struck by a meteor in my living room, or possibly pecked to death by Giant Atomic Chickens.

Grant Doom-meister G, out


Nobius said...

I hate it when I have to get up in the morning and clean up space debris out of the yard.

Rys said...

Yay the atomic chickens return!!!

Oh - the slayer cd i received was Seasons in the AByss and the mp3 player is a hand me down - an old Rio One player - but its better than nothing!

Anonymous said...


Hey Grant!! Hope you have a Great New Year!!! :D

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