Thursday, December 09, 2004

Thank you for calling tech support

The help desk portion of my new job has been less disastrous than I feared. In fact, I managed to avoid embarrassing myself until today. I received a call from a nice lady who had some problems enrolling one of her students, a problem I couldn't solve. Note - this is very common, partially because I'm new and partially because I only handle very basic level one support. Anyway, I asked one of my supervisors what to do. I thought she should talk to the next level of tech support, but he told me to forward her to the student's training manager. I got back on the line and told the woman I was transferring her to the training manager, who would be able to help. She replied "That's me." After a bit of backpedaling, I sent her to tech support. I had to keep from laughing as I filled out the problem ticket on that one.
Problem: help desk guy is clueless.
Solution: made self look like idiot.

Close ticket, save and exit, out

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