Thursday, December 23, 2004

Current Project

For my millions of screaming fans (all two of you) who have expressed an interest in the book I’m writing, the following is an ultra-maxi-uber-mega short briefly abbreviated bit of a synopsis.

The story starts with the I-guy waking up to find that he is a) in his underwear, 2) living in a barracks, iii) with a few hundred other people, and d) all of whom are in their underwear with shaved heads and no memories. By the end of the first day he has learned that they are called blanks, a branch of military service with a command/training chip instead of memories, they are fighting an invasion of what appears to be giant black mattresses, and they are all volunteers. The I-guy is pulled from service at the end of the day before the rest have their memories downloaded and blanked, told he is being returned to regular service having survived a year in the program. Note – he is the first, the blank program proving to be more fatal than originally planned.

They attempt to restore his memories only to find that they have been lost due to computer error. His friend Bob (a robot made entirely of prosthetics) manages to get him assigned to his intelligence unit, comprised of Bob and a petite, awkward, and profane communications specialist named O’Donnell (she hates her first name, Ernestine). An then, suddenly, a bunch of stuff happens – firefights, fistfights, first sexual encounter, learning to drive, drinking beer and watching TV, using the implanted chip as a means of instant training, eating sucky mess hall food, making extremely slow progress in the war effort, all the stuff’s the same.

Bob was recently killed, putting John Doe (as he’s called) in charge of their two-person unit. O’Donnell suffered a fractured jaw, and has been more communicative (using e-mail) now that she can’t talk. I don’t know how it will end, but I’m hoping to be finished by February. If not, that’s fine. The story will be however long it sees fit.


Nobius said...

Thanks! I really was curious. And once it's done, will you let us read some of it....?

Please w/sugar on top?

Not much of an Author
But a damn fine angry Poet

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