Sunday, November 21, 2004

Waste of CyberSpace

Here are my current 10 favorite movies of all time:
  1. Schindler's List - one man's transformation from selfish opportunist to selfless humanitarian, the best blend of historical importance, artistic merit, and entertainment with mass appeal.
  2. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back - best of the Star Wars movies, mostly since my childhood hero Darth Vader really kicked ass.
  3. Star Wars: A New Hope - my first acquaintance with science fiction.
  4. Fight Club - the best all-time feel-good movie, complete with violence, blood, and romance. Contains one of the most poignant endings ever, with the hero putting his arm around his best girl while watching corporate America take it on the chin.
  5. Memento - most tightly written screenplay ever written with each scene preceding the previous one and giving the developing plot another airtight twist.
  6. Life of Brian - ultimate high-class low-brow humor, ridiculing mindless followers and religious mindsets without castigating a specific religion or deity.
  7. Princess Bride - simultaneously spoofing and embracing romantic fantasy.
  8. Reservoir Dogs - QT's best movie, a mix of intense personal violence and intense personalities.
  9. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Johnny Depp recreates outlaw journalist Hunter S. Thompson so well that I can watch this monthly and still be enthralled each time.
  10. Donnie Darko - a great anthem of the 80's and one of the hardest movies to classify.

Critical, Out


Nobius said...

A few of my favorites:

I am Sam. Good Will Hunting. Carrie. The Dead Zone. Star Wars. Empire Strikes Back. Shawshank Redemption. Hunchback of Notredame. The Day the Earth Stood Still. Pochahontas.

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