Saturday, November 13, 2004


Blogging has been light lately due to my finally getting a real job. It's been wonderful, finally getting to work with intelligent people with RPP. Now, if I can only get a replacement to train so I will be rid of the old group.

Satan Sue continues to enrich my life. I am now using her as a backup for all my stories, as well as my unholy exercise partner. By the way, iPods can dance. They just have to attach themselves to a human host with a little boogie. Note - that would not be me. But she has revived my flagging air guitar career. Look for our upcoming "Fart in the Wind" tour, stinking up an auditorium near you in 2005.

My mother is feeling better, and will be coming to visit me next weekend. I'm happy she's feeling better, but not exactly looking forward to her visit. She's my mother, but that doesn't change the fact that she's a bitter, miserable person who's only purpose in life it to be unhappy, complain about everything, and confront everyone she can with paranoid accusations and snide remarks. I had hoped her recent brush with death would give her a new perspective, and it did for a couple of days, but that's worn off already. Oh well. Stay cool, Grant. Stay calm. Rent a lot of movies she'll automatically hate, and don't take her to any restaurants you might want to return to in the future.

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