Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Things and Stuff

I haven't been very bloggy recently due to an unusual load of stress. Normally, the most stressful thing about my life was that it lacked any, and before you laugh, you should try it yourself for a few years. I had no real commitments, no deadlines or goals I didn't set myself, no Giant Atomic Chickens attacking me, and a job that rarely noticed if I showed at all, much less on time. Now I have a mother recovering from a heart attack, a new job that requires actual work done by an actual person showing up on actual time, added financial burdens due to recent purchases (mostly clothes since I've lost too much weight to wear my regular stuff) and partying, enough leftover Halloween candy to last me through next Halloween, and a writing goal which is still on track but growing closer to my deadline because of life's little roadblocks. The Giant Atomic Chickens are a no-show, but just you wait.

Note - I'm not complaining. Except for my mother (who is recovering well), these are all good stresses, but they require a little adjustment all the same.

Further note - As long as we can hold our own when the Giant Atomic Chickens walk the Earth, all will be well.

Further further note - The Giant Atomic Chickens will defeat us in accordance with prophesy. But try to have a nice day anyway.

Cluck, out


Anonymous said...

Hey Grant!

If the Giant Atomic Chickens do show up there's dinner. ;) Hang in there trooper! Glad your mother is recoverying nicely. :)


Rys said...

If the giant Atomic Chicken does show up, and he's got a lazy eye - tell him he owes me five bucks! That's my distant cousin Shlomo.