Thursday, November 18, 2004

Does any of this sound familiar?

Still busy training for the new job. I'm going to have to adapt to a new routine since I can no longer take my customary two hour lunches. Hey, they weren't wasted time. I drove home, ate lunch while watching whatever wretched TV programs cable decided to recycle that day, packed my bag for the gym, played on the computer, took a nap, then meandered back to work. On the only day I had time to eat lunch this week I went to My Best Friend's Place, the cafeteria in our building, so named because Greaseball's is probably already trademarked. No joke - our building was once evacuated due to a grease fire started on the cafeteria grill. Anyway, I ordered a roast beef sandwich from the nice but non-English speaking peoples there and got all the way back to my desk before realizing I had been sold a Reuben. Sauerkraut gives me gas, so I scraped that into my trash can and ate it anyway. Nice to be reminded why I quit going there in the first place.

My mother is back in the hospital for further tests, a nice local one staffed with people who actually prefer for the patient to live even if it doesn't free up a bed. She was ready this time with a bag loaded with pajamas, books, her reading glasses, and a bunch of dollar bills so she could extract some edible food from the vending machines. The nurses even retrieved some food from the cafeteria for her (fortunately not from My Best Friend's Place).

So, to recap - new job okay but not great, mother okay but not great, life be busy. I saw a cool Japanese movie called Suicide Club, but I wasn't at all tempted. Life = Good.

Redundant, out

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ManNMotion said...

Oh no, not my friend's place? On the ground floor? Don't tell anyone, but I've been in your building...hope the company is doing okay these days.