Thursday, October 28, 2004


It feels like I recently lost control of my life. On Sunday I became too sick to do anything but sleep and moan. I recovered by Wednesday, in time to return to the office and find several processes and computer programs in disarray. Still dealing with that, today I returned home to a phone message saying that my mother had been hospitalized. I've been on the phone with a couple of hospitals this evening. It seems she went to her doctor feeling ill, who sent her to the local hospital ER, who found some internal bleeding and flew her to Nashville for tests and treatment beyond their abilities. So, no writing tonight. Just more calls until I can ascertain how things are proceeding.


the phantom said...

so sorry to hear this. hope all turns out well.

Valkyrie said...

Here's hoping all turns out well.

Sarcasmo said...

Hope things turn out all right.

Anonymous said...

UGh! is the right word. Sorry to hear about your mother. I pray all will be good news for her. Hang in there TROOPER!! :)


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