Friday, October 15, 2004

Random Ramble of the Day

Usually I'm glad that the cubicle across from me is unassigned. I can surf the web, play games, and doze without being under the constant watchful eye of the nearest back-stabbing corporate drone. Even when I'm not goofing off, I'm glad to be able to focus on my work without having some person sit and talk on the phone all day while staring at me.

But I've found that living across from an empty cubicle brings responsibility. Every time somebody makes a security check, they assume I have authority over all the junk people surreptitiously pile in there. Since the last time I looked, the shelf has grown another phone and two more small rolling file cabinets have popped in for a visit (both locked with no key in sight). Additionally, people ask my permission before removing anything from empty boxes to computer equipment (although they feel free to drop the junk in there unannounced).

After the latest inspection, one of my bosses and I went through the leftover stuff. We opened some other cabinets that we did have keys to and, surprise! Supplies! I haven't had paperclips in a year, other than what I've been able to scrounge from other people's work and the copy room floor. Side note - I work for a multi-billion dollar worldwide corporation, but they can't be bothered to provide us with basic office supplies. Their budget is dedicated to covering the foolish decisions made by management (more on that later). They must have realized that most employees will buy their own pens and staples rather than complain and risk their job. I refuse - I'll quit working before I spend a penny on my own office supplies. True story: they once encouraged me to buy my own reference manual to help them with a programming assignment for which they weren't paying me.

Things like that are why I don't feel bad about blogging on company time. Oh, well. At least I now have a working stapler AND staple remover. It's high times in the cube farm.

Whee, out

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