Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Random Musing

I like new technologies, but I have to admit that sometimes good things are lost in the name of progress. I'm not talking about product quality, personal interaction, or crap like that. I was flipping through my CD's and it occurred to me that you never get any good backwards messages anymore. For those of you too young or stupid to remember, some bands used to record Satanic messages backwards on their albums, kind of like a prize in a box of evil Cracker-Jacks (I think this actually happened a lot less than was reported, but nevermind that). In order to hear the message, you had to stop the turnstyle, leave the power on and needle in place, and run the record back with your finger which produced some uneven, warbling proclamation of doom like:
...thE REign of the hELL BAts is niGH...
The messages are pretty much gone now, although it's not the due to the shortcomings of CD's. The cassette tape ruined that one. You couldn't run the tape backwards and still hear it, except for those cassette players that quietly played when you pressed rewind, and then it sounded like a nest of Satanic chipmunks, which would be a good name for an alternative metal band.

Ah, the good old days. *sigh*

Rock, out

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