Thursday, October 07, 2004

PMJ, but IMHO...

You suck. Not all of you, but you'll know who I mean in a moment. I spent part of the morning cruising the blogs of my fellow writers, who generally tend to be leftist liberals (by which I mean many of them voted for Fidel Castro in the Democratic primaries). I have my own libertine leanings, and yet I'm getting sick of my fellow artists who rant and rave about the horrible regime of President Bush. I'm not a big Bush supporter, but the claims that he's as bad as Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, and the constant comparisons to Hitler's Nazi Germany are not only over the top, but an insult to the people who suffered at the hands of such men. George Bush is not Hitler - even if he wanted to exterminate a segment of the population, he's too inept to get the job done.

I've never understood why so many of our society's most artistic and creative members seem to have such extreme proclivities. I graduated from DeVry University, which was not exactly ground zero for social upheaval, and yet most of my social science/English teachers took every chance they could find or manufacture to slip some form of anti-American government sentimentality into their lessons. For example, on 9/12/2001 my English lit professor opened the class with the statement "Now, I'm not saying what happened was a good thing, but for them to have attacked us in that way...well, we must have done something really wrong to them." Right. Terrorists (or, as Dennis Miller called them, insane foreign assholes who want to kill us) are known for their logical and measured responses. :p If anyone can think of a situation that calls for, as an appropriate response, a mass suicide attack killing thousands of random people, please leave a comment.

On a barely related note, here's what I took away from the VP debate:
  1. Both are better public speakers than their masters.
  2. The lowest points in their respective answers were when they were stuck parroting the rhetoric of the candidate they endorsed.
  3. I would prefer either VP candidate over Bush or Kerry.

Oh, well. Just my little rant for the day. Perhaps you don't agree with me. Perhaps you are a fool.

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